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Effects of Sun in 12 Houses in Astrology Birth Chart

Overview of Planet Sun:-

Sun is the indicator of Aatma or soul desire in an individual’s life. Sun in Astrology signifies ego, leadership quality, ambition, righteous attitude, optimism, fame, health, wise nature, eloquent speech, family’s wealth, overall prosperity as well as success in life. So, the good position and placement of Sun in horoscope increases the chances of success, power and affluence with some effort. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the placement of planet Sun in your horoscope.

Sun In Different Houses

Sun in 1st house:-

Sun in 1st house in Ascendant empowers native with strong will and determination to achieve their goals and objectives. Native will be full of optimism, confidence and positivity and endowed with much fortune in life. Native will be cheerful and wise but can come across as arrogant person at times. Sun in 1st house bestows dynamic personality and success in the career after the age of 25. The native with sun in their 1st house bestows authority in life and success through Government sector . Native might also achieve high position in government field or become a successful politician as well with much popularity in life with Sun in their 1st house. Sin in 1st house also gives scanty hair on head and hormonal problems to women.

Sun in 2nd house:-

Sun in 2nd house of wealth in and individual’s chart indicates native’s ability to earn money in right way with honesty in their dealings. Native might have solid affluence with good financial background of the family. Native starts earning wealth at very young and even established their business without much difficulty. Skin problem may trouble the person from time to time due to Sun in 2nd house. Native might get bald at young age in life. Native will have high moral and ethical values in life but they are outspoken for their own good. Surya in 2nd house makes native generous , wealthy and talented. Your spouse can be dominating and married life may become troublesome. Sun in this house makes native charitable and long lived if not afflicted.

Sun in 3rd house:-

Sun in 3rd house makes native fortunate and successful after the age of 24 but after much struggle in childhood. Surya in 3rd house makes native a successful and wealthy person in young age. Native might become impatient, anxious and restless at times sue to Sun in 3rd house and experience loss at times. Sun in 3rd house yield courage to take risk and it paid off many time due to this position of Sun. Native will be ambitious and their wishes will be fulfilled especially in young age. Sun in 3rd house gives fame through media and journalism. Surya in 3rd house may also make you a sports star.

Sun in 4th house:-

Surya in 4th house gives success through agriculture and real estate business. Sun in 4th house might angry and harsh attitude to nature. Sun in 4th house make native deeply attached to family and takes ever responsibility of family on their shoulders. Surya in 4th house yields much support from father and native will enjoy their family wealth, property and affluence. Sun in this house also gives trouble in foreign land or through government authorities. Surya in 4th house also amplifies one’s wealth through self-employment. Surya in 4th house also gives more than 1 house in their lifetime.

Sun in 5th house:-

Surya in 5th house gives success through performing arts and native may attain fame in life due to their creativity and artistic ability in life. Native might shine in showbiz business and even in sports world. Person might become an excellent writer as well as gains from stock market and investments. Sun in 5th house gives excellent orator skill and leadership quality. Native might become influence in other’s life as well. Sun in 5th house makes a person flamboyant, stylish and bestow amazing communication skills. Native might become popular due their occupation after 28 years of age.

Sun in 6th house:-

Sun in 6th house gives success in career in government field and native might become a gadget officer if Sun is not weak or afflicted in horoscope. Native might be highly educated especially in the field of sociology and political science. Native may become a mass leader due to this position of sun. Sun in 6th house gives success in election result and also travel in foreign land. Native might have some health issues in their life time and may deal with severe injury due to sun in 6th house.

Sun in 6th house also gives financial trouble in early years of life but native become quite wealthy after 40 years of age. Sun in 6th house gives success through occupation in medical field and also in law and justice field. Native might also become a police officer due to sun in 6th house.

Sun in 7th house:-

Native with sun in 7th house will be religious and spiritual minded but will be occupied much in business and family responsibilities. Native might get employment in foreign land in due to sun in 7th house. Sun in 7th house can make a native a diplomat with high position and affluence life. Native might gain power through public relation. Native will taste success after marriage but the health of the spouse will be cause of concern. There may also be lack of physical compatibility with spouse. Native will have contacts with influential and aristocratic people and native will taste success in foreign land.

Sun in 8th house:-

Sun in 8th house gives extramarital affair and bad name in society. Native may become leader of corrupt group and fool other to earn wealth. Sun in 8th house gives success in Astrology and occult science but dishonesty will be the cause of downfall for the native. Native may suffer from mental agony or personal losses due to their family and may experience financial trouble in life from time to time. Sun in 8th house may involve native in fraud and native might face some trouble through laws and justice. Losses through litigation is also very much possible but success in the field of astronomy, medical filed, research field is possible but in foreign country. Native might achieve some recognition of their work far away from their birth place.

Sun in 9th house:-

Sun in 9th house make native spiritual and highly educated. Native will be very prosperous in foreign land and will attain good fortune right from their birth. Native’s father may become an influential personality in their lifetime. Person will gain much affluence and support from their father and family members. Native will be scholar and an eloquent speaker. Person may attain their high education in foreign land. Native will be popular due their charitable deeds in society. Sun in 9th house give much calibre and prosperity through their work and career. Native might become rich after 22 years of age or might belong from rich family.

Sun in 10th house:-

Sun in 10th house if not weak and afflicted then it give early rise and popularity life in their career. Native might become popular in masses through the field of entertainment or through the field of politics after the age of 34. Native might become a film star or renowned politician due to this position of sun. Sun in 10th house gives solid achievements in a person’s career because of their extra ordinary skill and gifted talent. Native will be smart, intelligent and creative. Native might also manipulate people and gain profits from them. Sun in 10th house also give prosperity in the life of native’s father. Native will be successful and fortunate in life. Although, he or she may not struggle much in life.

Sun in 11th house:-

Sun in 11th house gives success in partnership business as well as success in marketing and advertising field. Native may reach top level position in banking sector as well. Native might become rich in quick time due their prudential approach and creative pursuit. Sun in 11th house also give large solid networking and also lot of admirers in social media. Sun in 11th house also gives success and happiness through career as well as in love affairs. Native might also get married in very wealthy family. Sun in 11th house gives earning from multiple sources and native might set big business empire in their lifetime.

Sun in 12th house:-

Sun in 12th house might land a person in jail in foreign land due to some fraud and cheating or through some false allegation. This Surya in 12th house gives success and recognition in government field but there will not be much support of father or lack of father’s presence in their life. Person might have troubled married and sex life but will gain fame due their career and occupation which involves art and creativity. Native might also become writer or film director. Native may attain much luxury and wealth in life due to their writing or entrepreneurship in foreign land.