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Significance of Masi Magam

DateFebruary 24, 2012

Masi Magam is an auspicious and important festival, celebrated in a special manner by the people of Tamil Nadu. Masi Magam marks one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year when the Full Moon aligns with the star Magha (“Regulus”) in the sign of Leo. This alignment occurs only once a year and facilitates the descent or visit of heavenly beings to the earth plane.


Significance of Masi Magam

Masi Magam falls in the Tamil month of Masi (Feb – Mar) and is an event of great significance, as your karmic baggage gets reduced to a great extent on this auspicious day. It is considered that the divine beings come in their astral forms to purify both their own karma and the karma of the human race. As Magha is ruled by the ancestors, you can also receive assistance from your departed relatives on this day.

Masi Magam is a great occasion to get rid of the negative effects of karma. Devotees can take this excellent opportunity to purify their karma with the blessings of the almighty and to get encircled by the rays of positive energy of the divine power!

Get Encircled By Positive Energy

Get Blessings of Ancestors on Masi Magam

At the Kumbeswarar Temple, Kumbakonam, the energies of the Temple and the Temple Tank become increased with the Magha Full Moon influences. The waters of the holiest rivers mix to energize this “Holy Dip”. Gods and Goddesses, Rishis, Siddhas, other Celestials and even our Ancestors in the ethereal form are said to congregate at the Kumbakonam sacred temple tank for the annual bathing occasion to become re-energized. This ancient spot is considered to be the origin of the human species!

Know More on Kumbakonam Sacred Temple Tank

Purify Your Karma Through The Holy Water Dip Ritual

On the auspicious day of Masi Magam, idols of deities are taken from their holy sanctums in a procession for a holy dip in the river. Offering prayers and taking bath in holy rivers like Ganges, Cauvery and others is believed to be a holy ritual to wash away the karma in oneself.

People have the practice of taking the holy bath in the wells of Kumbakonam – Maha Maham temple tank, to eliminate the heaviest of their karmic baggage on Masi Magam. It also presents a unique opportunity to receive karmic intervention from the heavenly beings and ancestors.

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