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Rare 2008 Saturn Pradoshams (January 5th & 19th, 2008)

Pradosham means the removal of sins and occurs monthly during the 13th phase of the Moon (waxing or waning) to the Lord of Sin Removal, Siva. The planet Saturn is often considered the Lord of Karma whose power can transform kings to a pauper and visa versa. Saturn is also an evolving form of Lord Siva himself. Pradosham days which occur on Saturday, are considered the most powerful karma removing day of all pradoshams.

In 2008 there are only 3 Sani (Saturn) Pradosham days to take advantage of, and 2 of these occur in January. Be sure not to miss this opportunity at the start of the New Year to erase the trials of 2007 and begin anew.

Saturn Maha Pooja Kit

This Maha Pooja Kit for Saturn contains everything you need to self remedy your Saturn affliction. It includes a picture of Saturn, Siva Yantra, Ghee Lamp, Erukku Wicks, Crystal Siva Linga, Saturn Incense, and 9-Planet Mala.

Saturn Planetary Incense is Here!

Lighting one Saturn incense stick is equivalent to performing a planetary homa. Each stick is made with herbs that are sacred to the planet Saturn. Make this incense part of your daily karma removal program and obtain Saturn’s Blessings.