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Role of Astrology in Hindu Marriages

DateJanuary 28, 2014

When a Hindu girl and a boy tie the marriage knot, it is popularly accepted that such a Hindu marriage should be sanctified through consent of Astrologers. A marriage that takes place after consulting the birth- charts of the bride and groom is considered to be an event blessed with the good will of certain planets.

What astrological details are checked for a Hindu marriage?

Hindu marriages are arranged based on birth-charts of the boy and the girl. The aspects that influence the incidence of marriages are:

  • Planetary periods or dashas and sub-division of a major planetary period or bhukti, indicate the precious time for certain events in life such as marriage, making major investments and so on. Planetary period of Venus is the most favorable time for marriage. The other planet next in importance in this respect is Jupiter.
  • The 7th House of the birth-chart indicates marriage and relationship. Benefits of this House are expected if Lord of the 7th House is in Kendra (corner houses) or in trikona (1st, 5th and 9th Houses) or, if the person has a strong Lord of the Ascendant aspecting this house.
  • Affliction of Mars in birth-chart of a person indicates that he or she should marry a person with same affliction. In such cases the affliction is said to neutralize. Mars placed in 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th is said to be afflicted. A beneficial planet aspecting Mars also reduces its negative qualities.
  • A Mars- Saturn or Mars- Venus conjunction in one house creates problems of conflict in relationship.

Though these rules are applicable for various indications regarding marriage, association or aspect of any benefic planets such as Jupiter, Venus, waxing Moon, and Mercury, well-placed in birth-chart always improve or magnify its effects.

Our Karma affects relationship:

The relationships that are formed through strong connections of our Karma are those of husband and wife, and parents and child. According to astrology, when people get attracted towards each other and get married, it is the fallout of past life experiences – Their good or bad Karma attracting each other. Certain couples come together to discharge their bad karmas and certain couple come together to fulfill strong desires or undertake a kind of journey together in life. Couples come together due to their wealth, health, relationship karmas. When relationships end in separation or divorce, it happens because they would have spent their Karmic energies, whereas many are not able to bond into relationships due to adverse Karma.

Astrology gives a good perspective about relationships and life’s purpose through study of the planetary influences. It enlightens us about how the cosmic bodies have destined our lives to be on Earth.


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