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Realize the Value of Time with Kala Bhairava’s Blessings

On November 23, 2010


The axiom Time and tide wait for none has got that anonymous and mystic power which makes us to realize the value of time. Although everyone is conscious about the significance of time, most people deplete this invaluable resource of life and won’t fret about the time passing by.

One of the master keys to success is Time Management. Organizing, managing and perfecting this particular art is a major priority to excel in our business and life. Take my case. I never knew that my accomplishments were the upshot of my time management skills until I realized the value of time.


Better Late than Ever—the Lesson Taught By Time

The last week of March was flying away and my monthly target to be achieved was standing like a hard piece of stone in front of me. I was simply wasting and disrespecting the time factor and when I came to knew that the financial year’s perk will be based on March’s performance, I was left dumbstruck.

It left me in a do or die situation and it was at this juncture, that I met a friend of mine who was working as a bank manager. He introduced me to Lord Kala Bhairava, the Lord of time who blesses people with time management skills making them realize the value of time. I was wondering what was so special about this Deity. It was then that I came across the fact that…

Kala Bhairava is THE Divine Force behind Tim

Lord Shiva who bestows you with time management skills when you seek his blessings. I understood that only through the divine guidance of Kala Bhairava, I will be able to manage my time to increase my efficiency at work. In a few days, I started to meditate on the Lord of Time and my life started changing miraculously. Managing time became an easy affair then!

If you would also like to experience this time miracle in your life, you should ensure that:

• You don’t misuse time. Misusing time is equivalent insulting Kala Bhairava. Time rules everything in a day. Every task that you are involved into is as per the direction of time. • You should make sure that you do not waste even a moment consciously or unconsciously; every moment you use should be rewarded. • If you lack this skill, remember, you are carrying Karma with you. You will remain in the same profession or business and will lack punctuality. If you respect time and keep your promises, time management can be an inborn art for you. • Offer your sincere prayers to Lord Kala Bhairava. On pleasing him you will be powered and gifted with punctuality and art of time management

After all, these key tips were the secret of my time management skills and also an eye opening experience which made me realize the value of time. All this happened after I sought Kala Bhairava through unique divine techniques who in turn blessed me with his positive energy—it worked wonders on my life! I could realize that my life was taken over by a positive transition. I started managing my time efficiently and I hit my tasks on the bull’s eye! What a time miracle!

Now, it’s your turn to get blessed with time management skills. Kalabhairava Ashtami (Nov 28th) is the Birth Day of Lord Kala Bhairava - his POWER DAY. When approached on this day, he will bless you with a similar time miracle too! And thereafter, Time Management skills will be an inborn art for you!

You don’t have to search for places or people to celebrate the Kala Bhairava Ashtami. AstroVed with its renowned Vedic Remedy Centers helps people like you and me in appeasing Kala Bhairava.

Now, you too can Realize the Value of Time with AstroVed

Worshipping Kala Bhairava on his birthday will refine your time management ability and remove the impediments that stand as a roadblock to your success. AstroVed accesses the divine energy of Kala Bhairava on his power day with special services that invigorates his blessings. So if you realize the value of time, join them to get time management skills on your side, at once!

Join the AstroVed family in Kala Bhairava Worship to get blessed with the best Time Management Techniques.


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