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Rahu in 11th house: Meaning, Impact and Remedies

DateAugust 23, 2022

Rahu in 11th House with Remedies:-

Rahu in the 11th House gives you immense energy, courage, and determination to fulfill all worldly desires and ambitions through self-effort. Fortune will be on your side, and your hard work will be rewarded with success, happiness, and victory. Rahu in 11th House blesses you with an excellent social and friend circle, and you attain a prominent position among your colleagues and known people. People may look up to you as an aspiring, driven, focused individual. Your contacts with some influential people and friends will benefit you in the long run, especially in your career. Rahu in 11th House makes an individual fall into a deep intense love relationship that may not last long. Although a love marriage will be successful.

The 11th bhava is considered the House of desires or wishes fulfillment. It indicates your significance in society and social gatherings, connection, and impact on your life. This House governs your fortune regarding speculations, investments, profits, and income. The 11th House also determines your relationship with your friends and authorities.

Rahu in 11th house

Rahu in 11th House will bless you with good gains through your speculative investments and handsome profits in business which will enhance your wealth. Your innovative ideas and knowledge may come in handy in doing business and extracting significant gains from it. Connections from foreign countries or foreign people will bring ample wealth to you.

Chances of government jobs or gains from government authorities are there. Contact with government officials will prove beneficial and rewarding for you. Government projects may lead to appreciation in the professional circle and lay the foundation for better career prospects and opportunities throughout your life.

House Rahu posited in a Kundli:-

Rahu in the 11th House at times brings hurdles and laziness. Rahu in 11th house will give you ample wealth, and you may become aspirating personality in your social circle. The native will gain knowledge and will be prosperous in life. Rahu in the 11th House will make you an orator and courageous powerful speaker. Luck will primarily be on your side to fulfill most of your wishes and ambitions. However, you may become arrogant, deceptive, witty, and egoistic after tasting success. One might go beyond limits, rules, and laws to fulfill their wish or desires. Rahu in this House will make you money-minded, goal-oriented, driven, energetic, and focused in life after a young age.

Zodiac sign and nakshatra influence:-

Rahu in Aries sign in 11th in this House may make you an attention seeker, restless and selfish. Rahu in Leo sign of 11th House might make you a skilled spokesperson and add a sarcastic and fearless quality to your tone. Rahu in 11th House in water sign makes may you struggle hard and impact your health till the age of 30. Rahu will bring very beneficial results in the constellation of Ardra, Swati, and Shatabhisha in the 11th House. It may have adverse effects on Moola, Vishakha, and Ashwini nakshatra. Sun is with Rahu in the 11th House: Sun usually decreases the power of other planets when in the same House. However, its placement with Rahu in the 11th House will make your personality popular and attractive. Although it can get you into legal troubles, you may possess false pride and ego.

Moon is with Rahu in the eleventh House: Rahu and Moon combination or conjunction is usually malefic and brings distress, but here in the 11th House, it will bring abundant wealth, prosperity, aristocratic status, and honor.

Positive effects of Rahu in the 11th House:-

A positive or benefic Rahu in the 11th House brings very fortunate circumstances for getting good income and profits from native’s investments in share markets. You will taste gains from foreign connections and contacts highly placed in government. You may possess good conversation skills and speaking prowess which may give you good negotiating and convincing power. Also, Rahu in the 11th House may make you earn money from foreign resources and outcasts. Also, you shall get the chance to visit some foreign land and may get employed there. Some may set their business in foreign countries and will prosper there. You will establish contacts and connections with powerful, influential people who may help you accumulate money and profits in your work or occupation. As the 11th House has a direct link with wealth, there are high chances you would get an ideal platform to earn substantial money and get regular benefits.

Adverse effects of Rahu in 11th House:-

An adverse Rahu in the 11th House may make you a bit self-centered, posing challenges in your social circle of friends and acquaintances. You may also indulge in misusing your friends for selfish goals and desires. You may tend to lose some genuine friends in life due to this Rahu. There will be stress in your relationship with your father and siblings. Rahu in 11th House might give you enemies in the form of friends. They might backstab you badly, specifically in times of need. You might bear a massive loss if you plan to invest in the share market or are involved in gambling, gaming, and other speculative activities.

Rahu in 11th House might also make you suffer from miscarriage, child loss, and adverse relationships with relatives in your family. There are quite some chances that your wealth will be interrelated with your father. Till your father is alive, you shall accumulate great wealth and enjoy all available luxuries but might face the consequences of your misdeeds and suffer financial losses.

Rahu Taurus:-

Rahu in Taurus sign in the 11th House blesses natives with substantial wealth and financial gains. You may possess multiple sources of income. Sudden profits, mainly from foreign deals, will enhance your abundance and prosperity further. Your foreign contacts will be rewarding. Your business will flourish and multiply, and you will improve your income and status after age 40.

Rahu in Scorpio:-

Rahu gets debilitated when Scorpio in the 11th House will make you struggle hard in life for success until 30. You may suffer from financial scarcity till the age of 23. It may take you towards a career in writing, painting, singing, Astrology, aeronautic engineering, or the glamour world. You may succeed in confidential, secret work as an agent or spy. Rahu in Scorpio sign in 11th House will give many houses or multiple properties in life after the mid-30s. Common Yoga/Dosha positions are possible with Rahu in the 11th House.

Guru Chandal Yoga:

Rahu, when conjuncts with Jupiter, forms the Guru Chandal Yoga, which brings many obstacles in life, including difficulties in completing tasks. You may indulge in misusing your position to draw gains. This Dosha is believed to carry the curse of your mentor or guru. Although, its conjunction 11th house will benefit natives greatly and rewarding for financial prosperity.

Grahan Yoga:

When Sun or Moon gets conjuncts with Rahu in the horoscope, it forms Grahan Yoga. When included with Sun, this yoga may cause troubles related to the government – you may face some losses in government projects or through government officials and may get involved in litigation. When formed with Moon, it causes mental stress and agony for various reasons.

Vishdhar Kalsarpa Yoga:

When Rahu is placed in the 11th House, Ketu is in the 5th House, and all planets are posited between this axis of Rahu-Ketu, Vishdhar Kalsarpa yoga is formed. This Kalasarpa yoga takes you on journeys to distant places and foreign lands, which bring exciting favorable opportunities and many gains for you. It may also get you involved in court cases or conflicts. Some issues with your siblings may bother you throughout your life.

Remedies for Rahu in 11th House:-

  1. Feed Birds daily
  2. Feed Crow and Stray dogs daily.
  3. Chant Rahu’s Beej Mantra “OM BRIM RAHAVE NAMAH”
  4. Chant Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
  5. Flow out 6 to 7 dry coconuts in the river.
  6. Donate black seeds, blankets, and black clothes to poor people on Wednesday.
  7. Do avoid living in a south-facing house.
  8. Chanting Ganesha Mantra every day can eliminate the harmful effects of Rahu.
  9. Drinking water in a Silver vessel regularly or daily can nullify the malefic results of Rahu.
  10. One should wear white, yellow, and saffron clothes regularly.
  11. Meditating Daily in the Rahu-Kaal period extracts the best results of Rahu and destroys the malefic effects of Rahu.


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