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Moon, Mind & 16 Goddesses

DateApril 22, 2013

The Moon rules our Mind. Our mind and emotions go through fluctuations during the different phases that Moon goes through from New to Full Moon. A secret role played by Moons in our life is that it connects us to the 16 Goddesses. In fact each of the 16 Moon phases is ruled by a Goddess, also called Nitya and they are collectively known as the Nitya Devis. The study of Nitya Devis and their worship is an important aspect of Tantra as each Goddess possesses a tremendous amount of power and secrets that they can shower upon you.

It is the Goddess that enables you to manifest your dreams into material reality. The Yogis of India use this knowledge to tap into their power. You too can benefit by becoming aware of their presence and connecting with them. You start simply by observing each Moon phase, particularly Full Moons. Chitra Poornima, the upcoming Full Moon holds a special place because it is the starting point and sets the tone for the entire year..

2 Tuesday Pradoshams while Mars is in Aries

Mars governs courage, strength, drive, strategy, and sexual capability in men and women. The transit of Mars in Aries will increase courage, strength and drive allowing you to overcome difficulties and make personal breakthroughs in your life, unless Mars is weak in your birth chart, then results will be reduced. In that case, there are 2 Tuesday Pradoshams for you. Use the 2 Tuesday Pradoshams to clear the karma that is stifling your Mars energy so that Mars will be able to give you the strength, courage and drive needed to succeed. Bring strength and courage into your life by connecting with Mars while he is gaining strength in his own sign of Aries.

Special rituals along with a food feeding service has been organized by AstroVed on Chitra Poornima day to help us directly appeal Chitragupta on this auspicious day to clear our karmic slate.

Chitragupta Karma Clearing Pooja: Special rituals & Marriage Ceremony will be performed at the Chitragupta temple on April 24th IST that will bring our appeals directly to Chitragupta, so negative karma can be erased.

Lakshmi Narayana Wealth Fire Ritual:. The ritual to clear karma blocking wealth will be conducted on the Full Moon in the month of Chitra (aka Chitra Poornima) on April 25th IST. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, are the chief deities of this powerful ritual aimed to clear the Karma that is preventing the flow of wealth.

FREE Lakshmi Narayana Wealth Homa: It is an auspicious Tithi to perform Lakshmi Narayana Wealth Homa on Chitra Poornima day. It bestows you with the power to fulfill and accomplish your financial dreams.

Food Feeding Service: Chitra Poornima is the most auspicious Full Moon day for clearing Karmic Debts. Feeding hungry people in need on this day will amplify the positive effects. Participate in our Food Feeding initiative for the needy and dissolve your negative karma.

Did You Know

Some thoughts have locked in you in for lifetimes. The limitations all begin in your throat. This is where spirit meets matter. Karma is held here. The concept of time and space is located in your throat. Focus on your throat with karma busting sound: THIRU NEELA KANTAM.


According to astrology, the Moon governs our Mind and Feelings. On Earth, we get to experience the influence of the Moon every moment of the day. The Moon governs all water bodies : oceans, lakes, ponds, and even the water in our body which is constituted mostly of water.


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