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Mercury Transit in Pisces Sign from March 16, 2023, to March 31, 2023

DateMarch 16, 2023

Mercury transit in Pisces sign from March 16 to March 31, 2023, would be rewarding for those in the artistic, sports, and entertainment professions. Creative people may thrive or excel in their occupations. Some natives might get exciting opportunities to make a good impact and earn fame or good social status through work. Those pursuing acting, writing, digital marketing, singing, publishing, and advertising may do exceptionally well in their work. Mercury’s transit in Pisces might also bring happiness and new love in Pisces and Virgo natives’ life. Earnings might rise for those born in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces signs.

Mercury Transit-in Pisces 2023

Below, we are going to discuss the effects and results of Mercury’s transit in the Pisces sign and its impact on all 12 Zodiac signs:-

Aries:- The transit of Mercury in your 12th House may bring some health issues regarding skin trouble. There can be some eye trouble, disturbance in sleep, and hormonal trouble in your life. However, Aries natives may do well in their profession, and their earnings can be decent. However, significantly less or no savings can be due to your extravagant activities in this period. There can be a lack of intimacy, affection, and sexual satisfaction in your love or married life.

Taurus:- Mercury’s transit in your 11th House may make you gain favors from authorities and materialistic pleasures, worldly comfort, and happiness in this period. Taurus natives might prosper, and their financial condition may become pretty solid. Success in love affairs and harmony in married life is possible. New friendships can be significant for your happiness and growth. Travel will bring gains and fruitful results.

Gemini: Mercury’s transit in your 10th House might bring growth and prosperity to your life. Gemini natives will do well in their career or occupation. Professionals may have an excellent time in this period. Financial position may become solid for many Gemini individuals. There can be happiness in your personal and professional life. Family life will be peaceful and happy for most natives.

Cancer:- Mercury’s transit in your 9th House may bring luck and efficiency in completing your important projects, tasks, and assignments. Those in higher education may do well. Fortune may favor many Cancer natives in this period. Gain from investments and speculations is possible. Success through self-effort and courageous initiatives is possible. Foreign travel might bring good luck, money, growth in life, and career progress for many Cancer sign natives.

Leo:- Mercury’s transit in your 8th House will be a good time for those in the occult and astrology or tarot business or the psychic profession. Teachers may do well in their careers, and those in yoga and spirituality may see growth and happiness. Suffering in romantic or married life can be possible for a few Leo sign natives. Self-employment or independent occupation may help Leo natives significantly in this period.

Virgo:- Mercury transit in your 7th House may bring success in love and romance. Good time to get into a committed relationship or find a partner for marriage. Your career may become stable, and things may get clarified in your life. Disputes may go in your favor. Some people might get the chance to earn well through partnership work or business. You may become the head of a group at your workplace. Some may also attain government jobs.

Libra:- Mercury’s transit in your 6th House can bring success in jobs and services for Libra natives. You may do well in government services or legal work. Those in the medical profession may thrive and prosper in this period. Some hormonal, skin, or other health-related issues are possible for Libra natives. Success in business with the help of family or in-laws is possible.

Scorpio:- Mercury’s transit in your 5th House may bring much success, wealth, and fulfilling romance in this brief period. Many Scorpio natives may become happy, joyful, and energetic due to good news in romance. They might become fortunate in their endeavors or work during this period. Their creativity can be at its peak. Also, there is a possibility of stability and happiness in your personal and professional life and good health.

Sagittarius:- Mercury’s transit in your 4th House may bring good growth and financial prosperity in this period for many Sagittarius natives. Your family and married life would be normal and peaceful, and a few natives might start earning from multiple sources in this period. You may do well in education and sports. Gains from investments, speculative activities, and risky endeavors are possible.

Capricorn:- Mercury’s transit in your 3rd House might work wonders for those who are in the media, journalism, writing, singing, acting, painting, sports, and entertainment fields. Capricorn sign natives or students will do well in their studies, exams, or any competition in this period. With some savings, your financial condition would be decent, and your professional life may run smoothly. Unemployed Capricorn natives may get employed in this period. Your hobbies might become your profession as well.

Aquarius:- Mercury’s transit in your 2nd House might make you wealthy and successful in your work or occupation in this period, dear Aquarius. New jobs or businesses started by Aquarius natives in this period may run well. You may earn from multiple sources in this period. Your income, savings, comfort, and happiness could be at an all-time high in this short period. New love may enter your life, but it can be short-lived. A new and exciting job offer is possible.

Pisces:- The transit of Mercury in your 1st House shall bring all kinds of leisure, comfort, wealth, and happiness into your life., You may gain wealth and property in this period. This is a good time to buy a house or vehicle. Your luck may shine, and there would be no scarcity of money and resources for most Pisces natives in this period. You may thrive in your career now. Some people may also acquire government jobs in this short span or new jobs with good posts and decent incomes in this period. There shall be happiness in your love and married life.


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