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Mercury in Gemini: Speedy Manifesting Through Vedic Astrology

DateJune 21, 2016

Where’s the grace? people seem to be asking these days.

According to the Rishis, Jupiter is the planet of grace and ruler of higher wisdom, faith and divine knowledge.

This large planet of optimism and expansion has been receiving much pressure from Saturn, planet of longevity and obstacles, and Rahu—the shadow planet of desires and electricity, now on Jupiter’s same degree in Leo. Many have felt these effects as a surge of hopelessness.

A practical planet, Saturn can bring very hard work as a means to maturity and to teach us compassion for the underprivileged.

But while operating from Scorpio—the secretive and somewhat dangerous water sign—Saturn can seem unbearable and you could feel ready to throw in the sponge and give up on your dreams.


Good news

Fortunately, according to the Rishis and Vedic astrology, we can choose among the many yogic tools and Siddha remedies available.

It’s also important to remember that this is a positive time for humanity, when many are awakening to the existence of spiritual dimensions—which can also be seen with millions worldwide now embracing meditation and yoga.

The Vedic seers tell us that Saturn in Scorpio teaches that transforming our thoughts and letting go of what can’t serve our ultimate good are necessary steps to our evolution. Material and spiritual rewards are then likely to follow.

Mercury’s help

As Mercury joins the Sun and Venus on June 26, the emphasis is on Gemini—the natural third house of publishing, marketing, public relations, peers, siblings and neighbors pointing the way to better business and finances.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is a swift planet—so Just do it fast is the new motto: implement, launch, write, mail, deliver, build, calculate, add technological tools and more.

So between June 26 and July 11, you’re getting a special window of opportunity to complete your business plan, update your bookkeeping services, launch campaigns, publish your papers and research. You’ll speak your way to success while Mercury will make a science project and your communication both fun and productive.

The only thing to avoid at this time is Mercury’s superficiality and excessive reliance on the intellect. Because we also need intuition, meditation, faith and trust to achieve our highest goals.

We can then achieve what before seemed impossible.


Vishnu’s intervention

According to the scriptures, Vishnu is the overlord of the planet Mercury. Appealing to this celestial archetype—also known as the Preserver of the Universe—is said to bring you greater cash flow, success in your profession and business savvy.

The Rishis tell us that Vishnu can also grant you better health and well-being. After all, if you are burned out from too much work, you can’t enjoy your wealth.

Moreover, Vishnu brings you support from the invisible spirit world—the realm of your ancestors or Pitris. According to the yogis and Siddhas, the souls of your ancestors are able to help you only after being nourished through Tarpanam rituals.

Try this

Meditate on Mercury and Vishnu by offering a lit ghee lamp (or candle), incense, fruits, sweets and flowers to images, statues or yantras of Vishnu and Mercury.

Recite 108 times the sounds OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA for Mercury. Then, 54 times OM NAMO NARAYANAYA for Vishnu.

Ask for help in communication, technology, business and finances.

Thank Vishnu and Mercury.

Sponsor professional rituals and Fire Labs to Vishnu and Mercury—this Vedic technology is considered a most powerful way to receiving help from both Vishnu and Mercury.

Happy manifesting!

By Donatella Lalitha Riback

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