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Mahamaham Tank – Significance

On June 20, 2018

Importance of Mahamaham Tank

The Mahamaham Tank located in the scared town of Kumbakonam is regarded as extremely holy. Lacs of people take bath in its sacred waters during the auspicious occasion of Mahamaham with the firm faith that this can wash away their sins and lead them to salvation.

Within and as part of this single tank, there are as many as 19 sacred waters, known as theerthams. Every one of these has its own individual features and bathing in them can bestow unique benefits. Let us, here, get to know about them, one by one.

Mahamaham Tank – Significance

Vayu Theertham — Curing illnesses Ganga Theertham — Peaceful end Brahma Theertham — Clearing the sins of the ancestors Yamuna Theertham — Accumulation of gold jewelry Kubera Theertham — Added wealth Godavari Theertham — Fulfillment of desires Esanya Theertham — Those suffering in life reach the feet of Lord Shiva Narmada Theertham — Getting physical strength

IndraTheertham — Attaining Swarga, the heaven SaraswathiTheertham — Improvement in education Agni Theertham — Removal of Brahmahaththi Dosham, the sin due to killing KaveriTheertham — Progeny blessing Yama Theertham — Relief from the fear of death Kumari Theertham — Benefits equivalent to performing the Ashwamedha sacrifice Niruthi Theertham — Wiping out fear and the effects of malicious sights Bayotini Theertham — Family unity Deva Theertham — Enhanced longevity Varuna Theertham — Improved fertility due to good rains Sarayu Theertham — Lasting peace

Uniqueness of Mahamaham Tank

The sacred Mahamaham tank is unique in many respects and one of them is this. It is believed that it is enough if just one member of an entire family takes holy bath in this tank and that alone can remove the sins committed by all the family members, not only of this generation but also of the earlier generations. Further, the next generation family members too will be guided towards a life devoid of sins. Here, the family covers a wide range of relatives like one’s own family and also the families of paternal relatives, of maternal relatives, of those related by marriage, of brothers and sisters, of step-mothers, of father’s sisters, and also the families of mother’s brothers and in-laws; and all these seven families will be rid of sins and will be bestowed with punya, the virtues. However, this is subject to one condition — the family members should not allow sinful thoughts to arise in their minds after the sacred dip.

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