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Let Venus and Mars Spruce Up Your Love Life

On May 21, 2009

  • How much are you hoping for that right someone to cross your path?
  • Are you hungry for a greater intimacy with your partner?
  • Are there obstacles which make your love life with your current partner a nightmare?
The next 6 weeks is the right time to expect divine assistance for these significant parts of your personal life.

Venus and Mars are two planets which rule romance and intimacy. On May 23rd and 30th, Mars and Venus move into the fiery sign of Aries respectively. The transit of Mars and Venus is very significant for all activities related to dating, romance and relationship. Aries being a fiery and movable sign presents a cosmic configuration where you can get fast results in your relationships. You can expect positive mood-swings which will kindle your romantic and intimacy quotient many times over. It is time to be open for a fresh air of romance to flow through you. This will raise your vital energy and make you a happy lot. For all those on already established happy relationships, you can take your intimacy levels to a new high.

Your Personal Dating and Intimacy Calendar Help is at hand to optimally use this period in the form of the special dating and intimacy calendar. This calendar will give you the dates in the next 1 month for numerous relationship activities. These dates can help you to know when you could propose to your new love, pacify your angry partner, opt for physical intimacy and also find if the partner that you have found is the right one. Our Astrologers will also give dates to end caustic and troubled relationships and dates to find newer ones.For instance, you could look out for days when you have the best chance to call a person out for date or look for that passionate evening with your partner. This calendar will also help you to confirm if the person whom you are meeting is genuine or not. All these dates are personalized and will be suggested after analyzing your chart based on traditional Vedic astrology and Prasna techniques.Performing rituals to Mars and Venus for the next 6 weeks is essential to help your romantic and intimate relationships. Astroved has planned special weekly rituals for Mars and Venus every week for the next 6 weeks. This will ensure that you always are guided by the planets to the right person and take the right steps to improve your existing relationships.90 Day Program to Fix Your Relationship Karma For those who are in established relationships, this is a great time to set things right with a comprehensive 90 day remedial pilot study.

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