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Leo Sagittarius Compatibility – Sagittarius Man and Leo Woman

DateJanuary 18, 2012


The Leo women possess an amazing aura, giving her the power to create and shine powerfully and asserting her presence in the world. She is naturally vivacious, and generally fun to be with. A Leo woman has an immense amount of vanity and self-confidence and prefers to let the other take initiative. When upset or saddened, she can turn cold and unreachable. The Lioness also has a very sensitive characteristic and is more often than not, arrogant and demanding.


On the other hand, the Sagittarius Man is playful, flirty, colorful and fun. His approach will be to know you inside out, but always keeps it friendly. He is skilled in keeping your inspired. A Sagittarius man loves to woo his partner and is very romantic. The archer is one of the most passionate lover and love to do sorts of romantic gestures with his lady love. The innocent and playful qualities that he possesses, makes him quite the loveable one. Although he may have a quick to flair temper, it is easy to extinguish with a bit of a push in the right direction. He loves being in relationship and can act no less than a best friend for his lady love.


Leo Sagittarius Compatibility – the Pluses

Astrologically, Sagittarius male and Leo female are highly compatible. Their relationship is full of love and excitement. They will in all likelihood share some amazing times together, as they both fuel each other’s spirits, inspiring each other to reach new heights in love.

The unconquerable intensity of their love helps them to send messages to each other’s heart without even uttering a single word! They have almost the same personality traits. Both are fiery and passionate and enjoy a great time going out on the town, exploring new places and meeting new people. There is a passion in both of them, which would survive throughout their life.

The cool poise and beautiful smile of the Lioness is enough to enchant the archer while the Sagittarius man woos her with his intellect and admiration for his lady love.


Leo Sagittarius Compatibility – the Minuses

Usually the compatibility between a Leo woman and a Sagittarius man is great, except for a few glitches. Leos are naturally more loyal while Sagittarians are restless; this often causes insecurities in Leo. Also troubles can get triggered due to ego clashes. The relationship between Sagittarius men and Leo woman will involve tremendous amounts of ego, leading to disagreements which if not resolved might prove to be disastrous.

However, astrologically they make for an excellent pair and will live together for a long time!


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