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Krishna’s Miracles In AstroVed On Krishna Jayanthi

Krishna is one God who is adored by everyone. His innocent & captivating charisma, interesting childhood stories, mischievous acts, and attractive personality is sure a treat to the eyes and hearts of those who listen to his legends. Krishna has performed many miracles during his incarnation and is still continuing to bless miracles to those who surrender to him.

On Krishna Jayanthi 2021, AstroVed witnessed one such inexplicable wonder of Krishna during our Krishna Birthday special ceremonies. For Krishna Jayanthi 2021, the birthday of the miracle maker, we have arranged to perform 5-Priest Grand Krishna Sahasranamam (Chanting 1000 Names of Krishna) Samputitha Moola Mantra Homa for wealth, victory, and desire-fulfillment blessings.

krishna firelab

When our Vedic priests started to perform the Homa by chanting the 1000 unique names of Krishna, we were blessed with his miracles. In the sacred fire of the Homa appeared the shape similar to Krishna, which was noticed by few of our US members who were watching the live event. After sometime, Krishna blessed us in a dancing form with Radha in the flame, which was a treat to the eyes of those who were watching the Homa. The images were captured on phone by one of our staff members and we are delighted to share them with you.

We wanted to share these miraculous images of Krishna with everyone to relish the magic of Krishna. Here are the two beautiful images captured during the Homa:

In the first picture, the flame from the Homa appears to be a dancing form of Krishna and his love, Radha. In the second picture, the sacred fire appeared in the shape of Krishna holding his flute. These two magical images of Krishna appearing during his birthday ceremonies instills hope, love, and devotion towards the miracle maker. Let us all have a look at these miracles of Krishna appearing in the sacred flame and pray for his blessings for everyone in the world to have good health, wealth, happiness, love, success, unity, and peace in their lives.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare