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Krishna Jayanthi: Take a Step Forward in Your Life and Relationships

DateAugust 6, 2012


Krishna Jayanthi or Janmashtami marks the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The festival is also celebrated as Krishnashtami or Gokulashtami in many parts of the country, to honor the archetype of love and wisdom, Krishna.




Krishna Jayanthi – Live a Blissful Life

Krishna is an archetype of love, and love is the highest power and highest consciousness of the universe. With Love, you really can experience perfect relationships, perfect health, perfect beauty, perfect wisdom, and perfect wealth. Krishna, through His various roles, has taught us lessons on love, humility and wisdom. Krishna is the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-merciful being. He is responsible for fulfilling the desires of those who pray to Him wholeheartedly. Honoring Krishna on his birthday will fulfill your desires to live a more blissful life.


Gain Krishna’s Love to End Sufferings

Krishna is against all pain and suffering. His world is full of joy and pleasure. There is a secret technology to access Krishna’s full energies into your life and it will put an end to the sufferings. Dr. Pillai has given a proprietary formula in this regard— an empowered Radha-Krishna statue.

These Radha-Krishna statues are unique as they are made with a special blend of sands from 9 of the most important Vishnu vortexes in India, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Lotus, Turmeric and other Herbs that resonate with wealth and desire fulfillment. These statues are energized twice, first during the grand fire ritual on the day of Krishna’s birthday and secondly, during the enactment of the marriage ceremony of Radha & Krishna.

When you present light to these statues and worship them with Tulsi leaves, Krishna’s love, bliss and ecstasy is transferred to you and it continues to grow inside of you. Where there is Krishna, there cannot be suffering.


Krishna Birthday Celebrations

Krishna Jayanthi is observed on the Ashtami tithi, the eighth day of the dark half or Krishna Paksha of the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar, when the Rohini Nakshatra is ascendant. Krishna Jayanthi will be celebrated over two days; on the 8th Moon Day, and on the Rohini Birth Star Day.

The remembrance of Krishna brings extreme joy and pleasure because He himself was a manifestation of joy at all levels and in all walks of life. Krishna’s Birthday inspires you to exhibit leadership in all spheres of your life and create a life of achievement. Offer your prayers to Lord Krishna on His birthday for perfect wealth and perfect health; be a part of Krishna Jayanthi rituals.



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