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Karthigai Somavaram: Shiva Can Remove Your Suffering

On November 23, 2015

By Lalitha Devi

Most Indian festivals are not just fun and celebratory, but fortunate windows into time and space. Not only do they point to a favorable time for getting in touch with a celestial, divine being, but they also offer astrological reminders for using positive energies, changing your life and ending pain.


How to Stop Unhappiness

When we are suffering from relationship issues, from disease or from poor finances, it’s easy to lose heart and we need external help. One powerful divine being can remove obstacles and difficult patterns in your life by eliminating the root causes of all pain—past actions or karma. He is none other than Lord Shiva.

Karthigai Somavaram refers to four special Mondays for honoring Shiva in the Vedic month known as Kartik (between November and December).

Shiva Is Your Mighty Ally

These days celebrate the auspicious time when this powerful Archetype defeated a most terrible asura or demon that was tormenting humanity and the demigods.

Rituals and devotion to Shiva during this time can remove formidable amounts of karmic baggage. Karma removal is a prerequisite for experiencing positive transformation in our lives and ending struggles.

Many people prefer fasting during these four Mondays between sunrise and sunset—but consulting a physician before any fast is always preferable.

A Positive and Reciprocal Process

The way our love and respect touch the heart of other humans, similarly divine beings are delighted for our offerings and devotion—and during favorable energetic times such as Karthigai Somavaram, celestial beings can respond by fulfilling our wishes.

In general, Mondays are dedicated to Shiva and for this reason when you want some special favors from him, you can ask on these days.

But even more effective is contacting this great God during his special month, known also as Karthigai in Tamil Nadu, India.

In primordial times during Karthigai, Shiva appeared on Earth as an immense column of light, which is why we offer him lit lamps and fire rituals to create positive thought forms, asking this powerful and loving being to intercede and end our painful karma.

Lets Pray to The Divine Light for Inner Transformation

Written by Donatella Lalitha Riback

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