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Kali Creates Time-less Reality on New Moon Night

DateOctober 10, 2014

Mother Kali emerges out of darkness of the new Moon night of Diwali to dispel darkness and bring light. If you reach out and seek her companionship closely through your heart, she manifests in your consciousness. And as you begin to harmonize yourself with her energies, she brings you bliss.

When you dissolve your consciousness in the darkness of the night, she helps you see the reality. She refines your understanding of different patterns of energies and finally brings you courage and valor to act upon your reality.

Kali puja is performed on Diwali New Moon (amavasya) night when the powerful Shakti presides over mysteries of cosmic energies!

Mother Kali is dark and fierce in countenance, has her blood smeared tongue out and wears a garland of skulls. You will find her standing on Shiva because through her dance of intoxication she reigns over the cosmos, removing all dualities and illusions of human mind.

Goddess Kali is invoked with lot of devotion by her devotees during Kali puja. She is worshipped with fervor mainly in the eastern states of India (West Bengal, Orissa and Assam) on the amavasya night during Diwali. On this day her power increases exponentially and she rides over all suffering, pains, negative emotions, and vanquishes the evils.

The unique spectacle of Diwali night makes you vibrant and more receptive of energies of Kali!

Every household is decorated with lamps to create an auspicious atmosphere to welcome the Goddess. Array of diyas or oil lamps are lit along the corridors, balconies, boundary walls, porticos, entrances. Amidst darkness of the night, fire from the lamps lends a warm glow with golden hue to the houses.

After worshipping her, Diwali is celebrated with lot of pomp and show. It is an instance of earnest human effort to remove darkness from earth and spread the radiance of light all around.

The new Moon night of Kali gets lit up with brilliant glitters of fire-works. Watch the fire-crackers bursting out into multiple colored designs across the somber sky.

Mother Kali takes you beyond darkness of this world!

In Vedic tradition, Moon denotes mind. The waning and waxing phases of Moon indicate various states of our mind. Studies have shown that on a new Moon night, fears and confusions of mind raise their heads and illusions about reality begin to harbor in mind.

When you welcome Kali into your consciousness, she removes all confusions and wipes away all fears and illusions of mind through her intoxicating dance. She delivers you from all kinds of shackles. With her ferocity she cuts through the rhythms of time and space, and opens up channels through which we can receive infinite grace. She makes us alert and more receptive of higher forms of knowledge.


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