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Kala Bhairava Jayanthi

DateNovember 11, 2014

In India, the word “Kala” signifies Time and Kala Bhairava is a God who rides over Time. He represents timelessness where human perception of time as past, present and future converges. He also rules over death – purifies and prepares the human-soul for gaining pure Cosmic consciousness of Shiva.

Kala Bhairava is worshipped every month on the eight day of Krishna paksha or the day of waning Moon. In 2014, 14th of November will be celebrated as the day when Kala Bhirava had emerged. Participating or conducting fire rituals for him will help you see through your difficult times

Kala Bhairava Jayanthi

Kala Bhairava or Bhairov is fierce and terrifying manifestation of the Supreme Hindu God Shiva.

The ancient Vedas refers to both, mild and terrifying aspects of Shiva – the one who is the Creator with a peaceful and pleasant countenance, and the one who is the killer of demons and destroyer of creation. Kala Bhairava represents the later aspect. He destroys to bring about transformation, to cause victory of good over evil, and to ride over time into timelessness. He emerged out of Shiva, born out of his wrath.

Kala Bhairava is dark and fierce in countenance, he is three-eyed, wears a garland of human skulls and snake on his body, and he has a crescent Moon on his head and holds trident in his hand. He also holds a begging bowl in is hand that is the head of Brahma, one of the Trinity Gods. He rides on a black dog.

Mythological story of birth of Kala Bhairava throws light on purpose of his presence amongst humans.

Once Brahma and Vishnu had a dispute over who should claim himself as the Supreme God of this Universe. Brahma was already aware that Rudra who was also known as Shiva, has been claimed to be the Supreme God by the Vedas. But he disputed the claim of the Vedas and commanded Shiva to become subservient and take his protection. This angered Lord Shiva and out of his rage a human form of Kala Bhairava was born. Kala Bhairava was created so fierce and dark that even God of death would be frightened of him. Shiva asked him to punish Brahma by crushing his ego – Kala Bhairava beheaded Brahma. Witnessing this Vishnu pleaded Shiva for mercy and glorified him through hymns of praises. This pleased Shiva and he pardoned Brahma. But the sin of beheading Brahma followed Kala Bhairava – the head of Brahma stuck to him.

Shiva then ordered him to roam the world with the skull of Brahma begging for charity and this became the way to chastise oneself of all the sins committed during lifetime. Only when Kala Bhairava would enter the city of Kasi, his sins will be absolved.

Kala Bhairava is darkness and timelessness.

He is darkness – he turns fierce when one is out of sync with reality but he turns benevolent when one is an ardent devotee of Shiva.

In his abode, in the temple at Varanasi he is engaged in the act of purgation or cleansing all impurities from the soul to pave the way for ultimate bliss. During Bhairavi yatana, when one experiences acute pain and suffering before death, he presides over death to liberate the soul from cycle of reincarnation and leads to final bliss. Whereas when death of a person is presided over by Yamaraj, he or she is caught in the cycle of death and rebirth.

Kala Bhairava is beyond all human timelines and therefore he delivers faster. When one prays to him with devotion, he helps in moving fast through all logical time zones to achieve a goal.


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