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Jupiter in 2nd House : Meaning, Impact And Remedies

DateSeptember 23, 2022

Jupiter in 2nd House with Remedies:-

Jupiter in the 2nd House makes you a highly influential personality and a famous individual socially. You will enjoy lots of contacts from all spheres of life. You can quickly gain power, authority, leadership, and the most coveted position without much effort. Your enemies will not be successful in plotting anything against you. You may become a very successful lawyer, accountant, manager, finance expert, consultant, or doctor. Some people may rise in life through income tax, sales tax, forex trading, etc. Some people may marry twice in life.

House Jupiter posited in a Kundli:-

The Jupiter in the 2nd House of birth chart gives tough and complicated love or married life but stability in the relationship with family and friends. With luck and power, one can have a successful career with Jupiter’s positive influence in the 2nd House. You need to handle things carefully to make a life worth it. Jupiter in the 2nd House might give challenges and complications in love life. You will never be short of money, comfort, material abundance, and luxuries in life. These people can gain a lot of wealth due to overeating and fast foods. Natives may suffer from a lack of peace in their married life. However, some people may find stability and success after marriage.
Jupiter in 2nd House

Zodiac sign and Nakshatra influence:- Retrograde Jupiter in the 2nd House give substantial wealth and outstanding success in life. Jupiter with Rahu, Mars, or Venus in House gives massive popularity. Jupiter with Saturn or Ketu in the 2nd House gives highly intuitive power and success in metaphysics, research, and occult professions. One can become an excellent teacher, guide, travel agent, astrologer, hotel manager, pilot, etc. These people usually get attracted to many members of the opposite sex, but their infatuations die quickly, and they may not be able to find that exciting partner or soul mate in their life. Your suspicious, jealous, and over-possessive nature may shorten your romantic affairs.

Jupiter in Taurus, Cancer, or Pisces sign in 2nd House may make you succeed in telefilms, film direction, production, painting, writing, and publishing. One can become an author, philosopher, and astrologer.

Jupiter in Aquarius can make you a star actor, director, or sports person.
Jupiter in Scorpio and Capricorn sign in 2nd House can give you success in establishing multiple occupations in life. The person may make huge money through real estate and transport business. Some people may also succeed in the media field.
Jupiter in the Gemini, Virgo, or Libra signs success through work in financing, insurance, banking, import-export business, stock exchange, printing,& publishing. Success through speculative activities, the stock market, and investments is assured.

Impact of Jupiter in 2nd House of Birth Chart:-

With Jupiter in the 2nd House of Horoscope, you are someone born with a silver spoon. Your financial position never wavers despite the challenges brought upon you by life. That is because your luck quotient comes into play. You seem to have a way of handling money. You have a lot of material possessions in your name, so finance is your substantial area of life. You possess an exceptional talent for accumulating wealth. There is a reason why people call you lucky.

You may even seek financial help from family members or relatives when required, if at all. Your overindulgence and extravagant activities may lead to financial troubles. You may have an insatiable desire for rich delights, sweets, and desserts, an area where you need to curb your cravings. Your intuition in investment matters is also fine, as luck supports you. Jupiter in this 2nd bhava makes you too materialistic during its retrogression state. Depending upon aspects and position, it can also cause financial losses.

Positive effects of Jupiter in the 2nd House:-

Jupiter in the 2nd House gives immense fortune and wealth after the age of 30. The natives with Jupiter in their 2nd House of Kundli are charming with good communication skills, convincing power, and knowledge in life. They have the immense mental strength and intelligence to sort every issue of life. Their intelligence always helps them eradicate tough times and challenges in life. They have a good and supportive bonding with family and friends. There is some generosity and niceness in these people towards their close ones. Jupiter in the 2nd House may give you a perfectly successful career. You will have sharp, witted, and intelligent qualities that will help you greatly in your career. Your passion and mental strength for your work will take you far away in your career with great fortune.

Adverse effects of Jupiter in 2nd House:-

Jupiter in the 2nd House gives complicated love life, where there will be miscommunication, misunderstanding, and compatibility or trust issues, which could lead to a breakup, divorce, or separations. It would be best to handle your personal life with the utmost care, have a mellow attitude with patience and honesty, and become responsible toward your partner.
Jupiter in the second Bhava gives you good and understanding partners, supporting you in every phase. However, you should not complicate problems like understanding, miscommunication, and dishonesty. The casual, carefree attitude in romantic life may lead to chaos and break the marriage. Be cautious of items to make your marriage life easy and peaceful.

Exaltation and Debilitation of Jupiter in 2nd House:-

Jupiter in Cancer:- The natives of Jupiter in the second House in the Cancer sign will be fortunate in matters of money, wealth, and personal materialistic possessions. These people are blessed with abundance and affluence in their life, which may make others feel jealous of them. Their interest in worldly affairs and sensual pleasures may propel them to work hard to maintain or consolidate their status and prosperity. Their strong self-belief, image, and feelings of self-worth can add to their success.

Jupiter in Capricorn:- Jupiter in Capricorn sign in the 2nd House gives health issues and can make an individual diabetic. You are prone to be extravagant and thoughtless in spending. You are prone to fall in love with the wrong person. The extramarital and clandestine affairs may give you mental restlessness and disharmony in domestic life.

Ascendant sign of Jupiter in 2nd House:-

  • Jupiter in the 2nd House of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces Ascendant gives fame and a lot of wealth in life. A person can become a scholar, eloquent speaker, banker, spiritual guru, actor, producer, director, orator, writer, astrologer, adviser, etc.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd House of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius Ascendant can make one shine as a model, sports athlete, and expert or business in the showbiz world.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd House of Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius ascendant can make one a popular anchor, actor, editor, writer, painter, economist, sociologist, philosopher, etc.
  • Jupiter in the 2nd House of Taurus, Libra, and Capricorn Ascendant makes a person prone to fall in love several times. One can become a famous writer, editor, publisher, or painter in life. Some people can also become singers and lyricists.

Remedies for Jupiter in 2nd House:-

  • Take part in charity and donation.
  • Donate a banana on Thursday.
  • Put Tilak of Saffron daily on your forehead
  • Donate clothes and lentils on Thursday.
  • Water banana plants regularly.
  • Feed poor priests or Brahmin as much as you can.
  • Respect your wife, mother, or any woman in the House.
  • Treat your gurus and teachers with respect, gratitude, and kindness.
  • Eat yellow colour sweets and donate yellow colour sweets on Thursday.
  • Visit any temple daily.
  • Worship lord Shiva or Lord Vishnu daily.


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