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It's Time To End The Suffering Saturn Has Inflicted Upon Us

On September 23, 2009

Our Free Gift to You on the September 26th Saturn Transit Date Learn a Powerful Mantra to Destroy Your Bad Karma We were not originally planning to do this, but it is our complete pleasure to bring you an Imperative Live Broadcast this coming Saturday. This Free broadcast will be towards the most feared and respected planet – Saturn. We will reveal a powerful mantra you can use on a daily basis to keep Saturn at bay as well as a Saturn fire ritual empowerment.

Here's Why this September 26th Marks a New Breakthrough in Divine Synergistic Events

  1. It is the Transit date of Saturn according to the Vaakyam Astrology System used in Southern India.
  2. It falls on a Saturday (the Day Ruled by Saturn)
  3. It is the 8th Day of Navaratri which is following the wave of positive energy that is already stopping the dark forces behind our suffering
  4. It is the 8th Moon which is a highly charged Transformational Moon Phase
  5. It happens on the Mystical Nakshatra (Star) "Moola" which Destroys everything unwanted and creates space for Miracles
Not only do the above create a perfectly providential time, but due to the overwhelming response and comments we received regarding Saturn's Transit and its effect on you, it makes this an event that we knew we had to broadcast live just for you.

During this Live Broadcast, Learn the New Mantra that will keep Saturn at bay. This is a technique from Dattatreya Siva Baba and at his direction, we are revealing to you. We decided to broadcast the September 26th Saturn Transit Fire Ritual so that those who watch the sacred ritual can receive direct blessings and relief from Saturn.

It is a great opportunity to have your friends and loved ones transform their lives as well. Watch at least 15 minutes of the broadcast and learn the mantra and techniques we are going to give you so together we can enrich the happiness in each others' life. Choose below to participate in the homa directly or have an individual fire ritual sponsored. We are also leaving open the opportunity to perform the offering of rice pudding ritual to Lord Hanuman (the powerful Angel that can control Saturn).

Since we had a overwhelming response with the Last Saturn Offering and because Baba directed the necessity of this ritual to be broadcasted LIVE to help others. We have decided to offer this to you now with some additional inclusions that will transform a possible negative outcome into a life that you truly desire.

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