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Instant Insight at Your Finger Tips

DateJuly 29, 2011

Instant Insight (Prasna Astrology) is an amazing mixture of ancient and modern Vedic predicting techniques. This form of astrology is also known as ‘Prasna Shastra’, since it involves a person asking a specific question about any aspect of his or her life.

Instant Insight

Instant Insight promises you the satisfaction of receiving your answer immediately, as the Astrologer begins to evaluate your question at a moment’s notice. It works by correlating your thought and the immediate positioning of all of the planets in the sky. The Ancient Technology of obtaining solid, reliable guidance from the great beyond is now accessible to you using Modern Technology in the form of Instant Insight.

The possibilities of utilizing Instant Insight (Prasna Astrology) in your life are endless. You can seek answers for any area of your life – finance, property, business, health, education, job and career, marriage, love, travel, family, and so on. You can also use it to determine the success of a new venture; predict the time of a favorable outcome; resolve your queries before conducting an auspicious event; and so on.

Instant Insight is Now at Your Finger Tips

Instant Insight or Prasna Astrology is now easily available at your finger tips due to innovative cutting edge web technologies and time tested Vedic prediction techniques. Make use of the amazing Instant Insight App available for both iPhone & Android mobile phone users. Really, a great way to ask questions to the Astrologers on the Go!

Avid Facebook lovers can take advantage of the Facebook Instant Insight App which gives them the luxury of getting their questions answered without leaving Facebook. They can even share interesting questions and answers with their friends.

Availability of Instant Insight iGoogle App makes it really easy and convenient for Google users to not only use their favorite search engine but also get expert insights from our expert Astrologers.

Note: Instant Insight is now available from 6.00 to 23.00 IST


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