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How to Build Wealth—Diwali Answers it!

DateNovember 3, 2010


Joyful moments…
Festive Shrills…
Sparkling Lights……

Diwali is the festival of happiness and glee that brightens up your life with laughter and giggles. The day that marks a break to your mundane life with the bursting of crackers that bursts out your stress, as well!

But are you aware that the festival of lights will also gift you with heaps of wealth? Yes you read it right! Diwali is the right day to multifold your wealth, money and prosperity. With the festive spirits all around you can revive your spiritual consciousness to enrich your life with luxuries and riches.



The folklores that bring out the essence of Diwali quoting the coronation of Lord Rama and the victory of Lord Krishna are known facts. But, very few people know that Diwali is the right answer to the question of how to build wealth. Diwali is the best time to revive your spiritual energy which is the most important factor to accumulate wealth – Now this might be news to you!

Diwali- An Answer to your Wealth Prayers

Call Diwali, the Money Festival from now on! Unleash the spiritual significance behind the festival and reboot the money factors of your life. Your fervent prayers to the divine powers– Goddess Swarnambika (Parvati), Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kubera on this day will bless you with enormous wealth. These three divine forces hold 3 unique roles as follows:

• Goddess Swarnambika (Parvati) – the benefactor of wealth
• Goddess Lakshmi – the creator of wealth
• Lord Kubera – the distributor of the created wealth and Luxury

In a nutshell, you seek the blessings of the 3 special divine forces on a special occasion to energize your life with wealth and riches!

AstroVed’s Divine Diwali Celebrations

Offer your prayers to Swarnambika, Lakshmi and Kubera who will answer your quest of How to build wealth. For this Diwali, AstroVed has identified some divine rituals to appease the three supreme powers of wealth.

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