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How the 12 Powers of Ganesha Can Remove your Obstacles and Harmonize Your Life

On August 06, 2016

In recent times, Ganesha is perhaps the most widely worshipped God of the Hindu pantheon. The day of the year when he is most widely worshipped is on the fourth Moon phase of Tamil month of Avani (August- September), also known as Ganesha Chaturthi. This year it falls on September 5, 2016.

During this festival, statues of Ganesha that are as small as two inches and as tall as two-storeyed buildings are venerated with grandeur. The festivities feasts for the eyes. Ganesha is mostly seen seated on a throne as a king, but you will also find him reclining happily as a wise friend and adviser. He is also depicted as a jubilant child or sometimes playing musical instruments in entirely different attire. He loves to eat, so he is pampered with variety of delicious fruits of the season like jackfruit, bananas, pomegranate, mango and sweets. People love to welcome this elephant-headed god as their nearest friend and confidante. No wonder he enjoys himself as the God of the “Ganas,” or the multitudes!


After the unprecedented event in 1995 that bewildered millions known as the “Hindu Milk Miracle” where household and shrine idols of Ganesha across the world drank milk, this Lord of Success has definitely re-established himself as the God who is still active and listening.

Ganesha sits at your doorway to show the right direction

Ganesha is worshipped before beginning any new venture, commencing activities or events, or even beginning the daily chores of the day. When you begin anything with his acknowledgement, nothing can go wrong in reaching the desired goal.

He is worshipped before connecting with any other Gods and Goddesses, in households and temples, because without his direction you will not succeed in making that inner connection with the Divine entities. He is the leader of Shiva’s army, known as the supreme spiritual force. He removes all obstacles by awakening consciousness above what normally eyes cannot perceive and logic may fail to take into account.

He resides in the psychic muladhara chakra, where Kundalini shakti lies dormant unless Ganesha is awakened to activate your psychic or siddhi powers. This chakra holds the ability to generate sound vibrations for creation, develop strong memory, and insightful learning. When Ganesha is seated in this chakra of your body, he helps in blocking lower intelligence like jealousy, arrogance, fear and confusion.

Ganesha unties knots and simplifies even the most complicated problems

Ganesha is the God who is known as the one most readily available to clear a fog of misunderstanding or bring sudden insight to find a way out of any difficult situation. He is the friendliest god who is readily available to help and remove your obstacles once you trust him as your closest friend. You can even meditate on the axe in his hand to vanquish your enemy.


He helps you through any transitional phase or a transformation process to bring you success and happiness.

Meditate on these 12 different powers of Ganesha and watch him help you in different aspects of your life:

  • Maha Ganapati, the great Ganesha, blesses you with overall success and protection in all aspects of life.
  • Dwija Ganesha, the twice-born, blesses us with good health and prosperity. He is depicted as having four heads and fours hands with rosary beads, a book, a water vessel and a staff.
  • Heramba Ganapati, the protector of wealth, has five heads, ten hands and rides on a lion.
  • Veera Ganapati, the valiant warrior form of Ganesha with 16 arms holding 16 powerful weapons, protects women from all diseases.
  • Karpaga Vinayagar, the two-handed wish-fulfilling Ganesha, seated in ardha padmasana (half-lotus posture), blesses us with wealth.
  • Twin Ganapati, the twin Ganeshas, help us remove obstacles, poverty and diseases, balance our dosha and blesses us with good relationships.
  • Naramuga Ganesha, also known as Adhi Vinayakar, is an ancient form of Ganesha with a human head rather than an elephant head
  • Siddhi and Buddhi Ganapati, the intelligent Ganesha, has two consorts named Siddhi and Buddhi; Siddhi gives blessings of intuitive intelligence, and Buddhi brings analytical intelligence.
  • Nritya Ganapati, the dancer Ganesha, depicted dancing under the wish-granting tree, blesses with joy and brings grace of the Divine and ancestors.
  • Vigna Ganapati, the obstacle remover Ganesha is depicted as having eight hands with a conch shell and discus like archetype Vishnu and is capable of removing all obstacles in life.
  • Sevi Saitha Ganapati is a unique form of Ganesha who in Kali Yuga protects those who are punished despite their good deeds.
  • Alinga Narthana Ganapati is a dancing form of Ganesha who is depicted dancing on the head of the snake named Kalinga.

Benefits of chanting Ganapathy Atharvashirsha or Ganesha Upanishad

This is one of the minor Upanishads created much later in time and dedicated to lord Ganesha by the Ganas, the followers of Ganesha for whom he is the ultimate protector and their Brahman or world. So, when the words of this Upanishad are chanted with a noble mind and complete surrender, the Lord of these verses removes all sins as well as obstacles. Through the chanting of this mantra, a devotee can transform their life with more awareness and greater intelligence.
Happy Ganesha Chaturthi 2016!


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