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2012 Horoscope Predictions – ‘You in 2012: At a Glance’

DateDecember 5, 2011


2012 Horoscope Predictions – The year 2011 so far has caused some major global unrest in many counties with financial crisis leading from the front. Floods, earthquake and other disasters have also played a major role in shaping the course of the year 2011. This has naturally created anxiety and curiosity regarding the year 2012.


In the dawn of the year 2012, the many prophecies and predictions by seers and doomsayers have significantly added to the cloud of speculation and confusion surrounding the year 2012.

This is why more and more people have started to reach out to the science of Vedic Astrology to get enlightened of the unknown times ahead. It’s time to uncover what lies ahead for you in this monumental year with your new “You in 2012: At – A Glance Report”.


‘You in 2012: At A Glance’ – What is it?

You in 2012: At a Glance’ report is your personalized 2012 Horoscope predictions that are based on your Moon Signs. These 2012 Horoscope Predictions will be based on the major period (Dasa) and minor period (Bhukthi) influences of various planets on you.

This simplified prediction will be given on a monthly basis, informing you about the overall time indication, hence giving you a panoptic view of your future. This will warn you of the impending up and down times in 4 core areas of your life: Finances, Relationship, Career and Health.

Know more on ‘You in 2012: At A Glance Report’


‘You in 2012: At a Glance’ – Why You Need This?

  • Accurate – Helps you make calculated, low risk and informed decisions. (Based on Dasha Bhukti – your major and minor planetary periods)
  • Simplified – An All New Format focuses on 4 important areas of your life; Money, Career, Romance and Relationship, Health
  • Predictions By the Month – Predictions given on a monthly basis but can see ‘big picture’ too
  • Planetary Causes Included – You will be able to prepare for the best and the worst of influences of various planetary effects on you
  • Remedy Prescription Given – Specific remedies will be prescribed to lessen the magnitude of malefic or unfavorable influences that are foreseen based on your birth chart


‘You in 2012: At a Glance’ – Things You Should Know!

The ‘You in 2012: At a Glance’ is essentially a 2012 Horoscope Yearly Prediction based on your moon sign. It can be of great help in clearing out your concerns and worries regarding the year 2012. It will also make you aware of the favorable and unfavorable days in 2012.



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