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Explanation of God, Grace, Light & Miracle by Dr. Pillai

DateJanuary 27, 2018

God, Grace, Light and Miracle are synonymous. You can accomplish all that you need to accomplice, if you have a leap of faith. God, grace, light and miracle are synonymous. To help you understand the above concepts I am going to give you a working definition for each concept.

GOD means a divine being who is luminous in complexion with no materiality except a form visible only to certain human beings with ESP. He is omniscient with knowledge of everything, past, future, and present. He is omnipresent in the sense that he is present everywhere in time and space in the past, present and future. He is omnipotent in the sense that he is capable of performing anything and everything including the impossible.

GRACE is the quality of God. Grace doesn’t mean mercy simply. It is mercy combined with intelligence of the supreme kind. In Tamil there is a word for it which is almost impossible to translate into English. No term is Arul. Arul means Divine Intelligence as opposed to human rationalistic intelligence which is called ‘marul’. ‘Marul’ includes our science and technology as well, since they follow human laws which are time bound. Truly, ‘Arul’ itself is mantra that defies any discursive reasoning used to define it. If you look at the terms ‘Arul’ and ‘Marul’, there are significant resemblances and differences meaningful only for yogis. Personally I want to use the term ‘arul’ instead of ‘grace’. The moment you say ‘arul’, you come under the mercy and intelligence of God.

Now I want to define the term light. What is light? Is it brightness? Is it high electricity? Is it simply a visual quality? The concept of light is very complex. I think of two ways of explaining light. Yes, it is brightness and electricity. You have heard the in many religions that God is light. However the Light of God excels that of the sun or any other star. His brightness is equivalent to trillions of stars. It is blinding to the naked eye. This light of God carries the Divine Intelligence called ‘arul’. It moves at a tremendous speed. When we align ourselves with the light of God we get things done in the speed of light. Light depending on its intensity has lesser or more intelligence. More light means more intelligence. No light means no intelligence and no knowledge. No light is darkness. Darkness puts off the fire of knowledge. That is why in a dark room, you cannot see. And ‘seeing’ is knowing. You to understand that light is consciousness, both inside the mind and outside in space. During enlightenment you do get the light of God.

Let me now define miracle. Miracle is an extraordinary happening that baffles our understanding. Somebody is cured of aids/cancer or some one gets huge wealth out of the blue. These are some examples of miracle. Miracle is one of the qualities of God. Remember what Jesus said: with my Father everything is possible. If you need miracles in your life, it is then necessary that you should be in God’s energy all the time.

Now I am going to give you a technique that wraps up all the concepts discussed above. It is a chant that I got from Siva during my last incarnation as Swami Ramalingam. The chant is:

Arutperum Jothi Arutperum Jothi
Taniperum Karuni Arutperum Jothi

Arul (Divine Intillegence, Grace)
Perum Jothi (vast light)
Tani (exclusive)
Perum Karunai (vast kindness)

The chant literally means Arul, which is the mercy of God, is in the form of vast light. This light is the expression of the vast kindness of God. Keep chanting the words. You may want to remember the word meaning to satisfy the intellect. What is the benefit?

1. You will have Divine Intelligence to know everything.
2. You will function at the speed of light.
3. Miracles will be an everyday happening in your life.


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