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Full Moon & New Moon – Know the Moon’s Phases to Master Your Mind

DateJune 27, 2011


New Moon Full Moon

The Moon represents our mind. As the Moon passes through different phases, it correspondingly influences our state of mind. Therefore, if we are mindful of its phases, we can make the Moon the mistress of our mind.

As per astrology, the Moon has more magnetic power than the Sun. The significance and energy of Moon determines the power of mind. The Moon is the vehicle of the mind that receives the light from the Sun or soul. The movements of the Moon determine our moods and capacities of our mind. When we become aware of these movements, we can work with the fluctuating influences to our favor and benefit. To accomplish this, we must be aware of the Moon’s different phase energies made available.



Full Moon – Time for Creation or Manifestation

Full Moon is the last Moon or the 15th Moon in the waxing cycle. It is a time when Moon is opposite the Sun from Earth and shows full reflection of the Sun.

It is said that the Sun God and the Moon Goddess are cooled down by the shower of the Full Moon rays which are the reflected Sun rays and in turn shower their blessings on Earth in the form of prosperity and joy. The energies of the Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati are all at their peak power on Full Moons.

Goddess Lakshmi grants the power to manifest wealth and create joy. Goddess Saraswati gives the power of knowledge and love of music and dance. Goddess Parvati fulfils worldly desires and gives peace.

New Moon – Time for Introspection and Spiritual Matters

New Moon is the last Moon or 15th Moon in the waning cycle when the Moon is showing no reflective light. It is the Dark Moon. It is the moment when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction, meaning that the Sun and Earth are on the opposite sides of the Moon. From Earth we can only see the dark as the illuminated side is towards the Sun. The Sun and Moon are said to be in ‘conjunction’.

We can gain from the energies of Durga, Karuppa Swamy and Hanuman, who were at the peak during this time to fight darkness and to bring in the light by honoring the New Moon. It is a time to seek blessings of these energies to assist you with your ongoing battle of light and dark- positive and negative. It is the time to delve deep into the spiritual. In order to progress spiritually we must destroy the dark energies that distract from focus on higher intelligence or the divine mind.

The Vedic Myth Behind Moon Phases and Lord Shiva

The Moon was married to all 27 Nakshatras but paid more attention to 1. The Moon was cursed by his own father-in-law to become very ugly. The Moon prayed to Lord Shiva to remove the curse but Lord Shiva said that he would not completely remove the curse but would grant him his beauty in phases. That is why in waxing, the Moon resumes his beauty and during waning, he loses it.

One of Lord Shiva’s names are ‘Chandra Sekhara’ or Moon Adorned. Lord Shiva keeps the Moon with Him in His matted locks. The Moon represents the mind so therefore ignorance, desire, illusion, passions and emotions. All of these can stand in between us and God. Shiva destroys the negative of these, keeping the Moon with Him so no more is imparted to us and drive us away from Him.

The Moon in the Birth Chart

As per Vedic astrology Texts, the strength of all other planets in the horoscope depends upon the strength of Moon. If the Moon is weak in the horoscope then the person is not expected to achieve any remarkable success in his life. Most of the special combinations of yogas in astrology for tremendous success and immeasurable prosperity are formed with the articulation of the Moon in a particular set of planetary configurations available in the horoscope.

On Earth, we experience the influence of the Moon every moment of every phase due to its fluctuating nature. The Moon governs all water bodies- the oceans, lakes, ponds and our bodies since the 3/4th of the earth is surrounded by water. The Moon controls the tides and it controls our mind, specifically our right brain.

So, do the right thing at the right time and be at bliss.



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