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Full Moon for Royalty – Masi Magha

DateFebruary 12, 2013

Once a Year there is an Extra Special Magha Star and it is called, Masi Magha. This happens when the Moon aligns with the Magha star during the month of Masi (February/March). The star Magha has great potential as it contains the energy of Royalty and Enlightenment. Masi Magha is significant as it creates the opportunity for enlightened souls and your own ancestors to reach you with their blessings. Remedies performed on this day wash away your sins and curses, and help you to lead a healthy life with good longevity.


There are several reasons for observing Masi Magha:

  • To receive blessings from Enlightened Siddhas
  • To receive blessings from your Ancestors
  • To wash away Sins and Curses
  • To empower yourself with both Royalty and Enlightenment Consciousness
Empower yourself with Royalty & Enlightenment


It’s the Sun’s Birthday! (Ratha Sapthami)

Ratha Sapthami is the Sun God’s birthday and is symbolically represented in the form of the Sun God turning his Chariot (Ratha) drawn by the 7 (Sapthami) horses towards the northern hemisphere. Siddhas mention that the mind is like a Chariot, when reined in, it works the way we want, but if unchecked, it can bring untold miseries.

Ratha Saptami is the day for controlling or even transcending the mind. Sunday is ruled by Lord Sun, who is the life force energy for each and every organism on the earth. It is the Sun’s energy that gives us clear vision, intelligence and authority. Sunday is infused with the Sun’s life force energy, and is an ideal time to worship Lord Sun.

Increase Your Life Force Energy on the Sun’s Birthday


Less Than 24 Hours for Vishnupati: Fast Path for Wealth

Vishnupati is the day when the Sun moves into the Powerful Fixed sign of Aquarius. On Vishnupati, Vishnu the archetype of Wealth and Material Prosperity is available to bless you with abundant Material Wealth.

The 1st Vishnupati is Special:

  • It is the 1st Vishnupati of Golden Age
  • The Sun is in the mystical sign of Aquarius provides opportunities for Spiritual Bliss
Connect with Vishnu for Wealth & Prosperity


DON’T FORGET – Vasant Panchami is Almost Here

Vasanta Panchami is the best day to attain the blessings of Lord Hayagriva and Goddess Saraswati. They rule knowledge, wisdom and creativity. This is the best day of the year to access Divine support for education, for increasing mental capacity, for gaining and retaining knowledge, and for grasping all studies.

Inner Magic for Aspiring Young Minds

A strong motivation for learning comes naturally to some children, but most are average, and then there are those for whom learning is painful. But all children, no matter what their capacity is for learning, can benefit by accessing the energy of Goddess Saraswati. Give your child the extra edge so they can reach their full potential and become extraordinary!

We have a special Saraswati Ink pen offering that will be infused with Her divine blessings. The pens will unlock one’s innate superior intelligence so creative skills and ideas can properly expressed. The pen is extremely beneficial for students appearing for public exams. They will feel divine vibrations and guidance while taking the exams.

Give your Child an Extra Edge in Education


Did You Know?

The Siddhas are masters of time and advise us not to pray randomly. There is a right time to pray each deity. For instance, Lord Ganesha should be prayed to on the 4th moon, Lord Muruga on the 6th moon, Lord Bhairava on the 8th moon, Lord Vishnu on the 11th moon, and Lord Shiva on the 13th and the New Moon. Apart from these, there are special days and times such as Vishnupati when you can pray to Vishnu and Lakshmi.


Venus’ place of exaltation is in Pisces, which is the natural 12th sign of the zodiac. The 12th sign indicates how we experience Moksha (final liberation). This highlights the importance of Venus in attaining Moksha. Venus is the planet of Love and Pisces is the sign which teaches us about unconditional Love.

Enhance Your Knowledge and Creativity


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