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Exquisite Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas for your loving Wife

On September 04, 2017

The festival of ‘Karwa Chauth’ is a highly popular Hindu festival which holds great relevance for Indian women. The festival is observed with great pomp in the Northern regions of the country and is slowly gathering popularity across other states as well. This is a highly awaited festival and women eagerly embrace the rituals of the day with great enthusiasm. The day offers an opportunity for women to pray for the well-being and prosperity of their husbands by observing a rigorous ‘Vrat’ (fast) from dawn to dusk. It is also a great day for newly-wed couples to bond together with love and affection, whilst also strongly cementing their relationship.


Gifts associated with Karwa Chauth

Married women across the country await the occasion with great eagerness and observe the day with great reverence. Besides the fact that the day gives them an opportunity to pray for their husbands, the occasion is also eagerly awaited for receiving grand Karwa Chauth gifts from their spouse and other family members. The menfolk spare no effort in getting beautiful gifts for their wives and try their best to get something which is sure to delight their beloved better half. Family members also shower gifts on the women; these are generally indicative of their marital status like jewelry, bangles, henna, saris, lehenga choli, etc.

The gifts that are considered indispensable to the women who observe the Karwa Chauth fast are ‘Sargi’ and ‘Baya’. These two items are synonymous with the occasion and represent the very essence of the festival. Generally, the mother-in-law presents these items, and includes lavish meals, sweets and new clothing. The first Karwa Chauth is observed with great revelry and the items gifted are often expensive and grand. The gifts presented to women are almost always lavish and this tradition is continued every year.

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Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas

Generally the menfolk present their wives with expensive and grand gifts as a token of their appreciation. It reflects the gratitude of the man to the woman who takes care of his household and family with love and affection. It also serves as a token of thanks to the woman for observing a rigorous fast on the occasion for her man’s welfare and prosperity.

A variety of gifts can be presented to the woman, some of which include Saris and designer clothing.

Women just love new clothing, especially if they are elegant and trendy. So, a man has the option of taking his wife shopping for dresses and saris; these are sure to appeal to a woman’s intrinsic nature and satisfy her craving for being stylish and well dressed.

Buying Jewelry for your woman on Karwa Chauth

As everyone knows, women love jewelry, irrespective of their age. This can be due to certain intrinsic traits like style, one-upmanship and in some cases as a means of savings. A man can pamper his wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth by acquiring some elegant jewelry to complement her personality. You can probably even get her some trinkets which she has been craving for long and make her happy.

Take a rejuvenating trip

Surprise you beloved on Karwa Chauth by taking her on a romantic tour and spending some quality time together. You can also rekindle the spark in your relationship and enjoy the gratitude of your woman.

There are also a host of other ways to make a woman happy and a man has plenty of options to explore in this area. The important thing is for a man to understand his spouse and going out of his way to make her happy on the joyous occasion of Karwa Chauth and also continue doing so otherwise.

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