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Dream of Seeing a Temple Meaning

When we sleep, we often have dreams and nightmares. When we wake up in the morning, we may not remember them. But sometimes, we do. Rarely do such dreams come true in life. Psychologists feel that dreams have a lot to do with our subconscious and that they have a hidden meaning. Sigmund Freud’s book, The Interpretation of Dreams, is based on this concept.

In astrology, too, dreams are believed to have meanings. They may symbolize something, which can be good or bad. Dreams may warn us of imminent danger or portend an event that brings happiness. Of course, not all dreams have meanings.

Why do we dream? There are many interesting theories floating about this. In many cultures, dreams are regarded as sources of supernatural knowledge. Some cultures believe that the devil is behind it. 

Dream of Seeing a Temple Meaning

Dreams and Different Cultures

South American shamans are known to cause events by dreaming about them. This belief is very prevalent among the Jivaro (Achuar tribe) found in Ecuador. The men of this tribe believe that they get their arutam (a soul needed for success in hunting and warfare) in dreams or visions. The soul, they believe, dwells in the head, and when people sleep, it leaves the head and travels and also observes things. This information then becomes a part of their dreams. They integrate dreams into their daily life through rituals. Dreams fall into two categories for them. One category comprises hallucinations caused by consuming hallucinogenic plants. The other comprises dreams that occur naturally. 

Dreams are also important in Chinese culture. Interpreting dreams is popular there. The ancients used a book – “Duke of Zhou Interprets Dreams” – to understand the meanings of dreams. They believe that dreams may be auspicious or inauspicious and that dreams reveal inner secrets. They use them to make major decisions in life.

In Hindu culture, dreams can reveal future events. Dreams have many symbols and meanings that can tell us what will happen in our lives. There are 18 Puranas, a class of ancient Hindu texts. Of these, the Agni Purana talks about the meanings of dreams, omens, etc.

In this article, we explore the meaning of dreams about temples. Temple in dream astrology can mean many things.  

General Meaning of Seeing a Temple in a Dream

In Islam, temples signify purity and prayers. It can mean various things depending on what you see and how you see them in the dream. The temples could be places of worship, tourist attractions, or abandoned structures, which are homes to evil beings. Generally, dreaming of temples could indicate that you may be becoming more pure in your thoughts and religious. It may also mean that you could face a situation in your life that may awaken your inner self. It could be a positive spiritual experience.  

Praying in a Temple

If you are praying in a temple in the dream, it means that you are very religious and spiritual. Perhaps you may confront a situation that awakens your inner spiritual personality to resolve a serious issue in your life. A temple has purity, and it is a place of worship. They are sanctuaries for believers. So those who see this dream have the right approach to religion. 

Visiting an Abandoned Temple


If you see a dream about being in an abandoned temple, it can mean that you are isolated in your life. An abandoned temple is a deserted and haunted place. But temples are sacred places and are crowded with devotees. It may also mean that it houses some evil forces. This dream could mean that some calamity will happen in your life. Loved ones may desert you. If you are living in an abandoned temple in the dream, it means you have accepted the circumstances of your life. 

Eating Food from a Temple

Temples often host events where the poor are given food. If you dream that you are eating in a temple or eating the food offered at the temple, it could mean that you may be in a difficult situation, but help will arrive soon. You will be able to solve all your problems. It may be financial help or the moral support of new friends. This dream is a good sign

Visiting an Old Temple

If you are visiting or coming out of an ancient temple in the dream, it means that you are too caught up in the past. The old temple symbolizes your previous self and the progress you have made over time. Ancient temples and shrines are often dilapidated. This can apply to us, too. If we live too much in the past, we are neglecting our present. This dream is a sign that tells us to leave the past behind and go forward in our life by improving our current situation. 

Thus, dreaming of temples can have both good and bad meanings. We can use these dreams to make sense of our lives and make the right decisions.

It is always best to consult a spiritual scholar who is an expert in dream interpretation. Dreams are often messages from the yonder, trying to warn us of danger or bringing good tidings about the future.