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Divine Model for Relationship (Panguni Uthiram)

DateMarch 16, 2013

Astrology is the study of time, it identifies the qualities of the time we are going through. The upcoming Full Moon in the star Purva Phalguni is an important time because it is the day of Marriage for Four Divine Archetype couples and this teaches you about the role of relationship in your life. The Relationship model has been given to us by the divine. You can correct problems with your relationship by participating in the wedding ritual and relieve yourself from all sorts of relationship issues or make your relationship more meaningful.


This is a time you can correct core problems with your relationship. Take advantage of this time and participate in the divine rituals that are being performed. Your relationship will be fruitful, peaceful and caring when you connect with the divine model. You will see relationship miracles taking place when you are conscious about this time window.

Fix Core Relationship Problems


Fixing Marriage Afflictions

If your marriage was performed at the wrong time it will greatly affect the wealth, health and happiness for you and your partner.The Holy Thread empowered during the Divine ritual not only cancels the bad affects of being married at the wrong time, it also clears negative influences like jealousy, evil eyes, greed of others causing disturbances in your family life will be eliminated This information, if shared with other families and thereby helping them in their lives, is also a form of service to the divine.

Remove Afflictions from Your Married Life


Astrological Considerations for Divine Marriage Day

This year the Divine Marriage Day (Panguni Uttiram) falls on March 26th, 2013. It is a Tuesday, a day ruled by Mars, and Mars manages the male partner in a female horoscope. Mars will be in Pisces along with exalted Venus and Pisces is a sign owned by Jupiter. This planetary combination makes for a day good for relationship compatibility. The placement of Jupiter in the 10th house from the Moon and the presence of Mars, Sun, Venus in the 8th house from the Moon, will together produce good effects. The exchange of sign between Jupiter and Venus creates another added advantage making the placement of Mars auspicious. Overall, it is a very good day. Propitiating the divine couples on this day will reduce or eliminate conflict in your relationship.

Eliminate Conflict in Your Relationship


Exalted Venus: Love is Fundamental to Life

Venus, the planet of love moves into his Exaltation sign of Pisces on March 17th IST. Moon also moves into his Exaltation sign of Taurus in the star of Rohini. These planetary moves make it an exceptional time curing all sorts of relationship issues. The Moon rules the mind. An exalted Moon will support intimate emotions in relationship. Venus in exalted sign and in exchange with Jupiter is another important planetary alignment supporting romantic love.

Venus supports you to experience relationships. The planet is associated with romance and the procreative aspects of life. If Venus is weak, then it hits your life force and your ability to experience enjoyment. A virtual pooja for Venus during this hour is a simple way to enhance your Venus energy.

Take a Chance on Romance



Astrologically, Venus is the quintessence of romantic love. Anything relating to love, romance, beauty, etc taking place in one’s life is purely influenced by Venus. If you have a strong Venus, you will be loving and appealing. But if it is weak, there will be problems in relationship. People may lack in physical beauty as well as elegance and charisma too.

Did You Know?

Venus means ‘charm’ in Latin. In the Roman times Venus was the Goddess who presided over persuading and seduction in both the divine and mortal worlds.

Divine Protection for Your Relationship


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