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Celebrating Day of Prosperity with Lakshmi

DateOctober 15, 2014

Diwali is one such occasion when joy and merriment appear to spread in leaps and bounds. A mood of delight and happiness permeates the air. Brilliant glow of light from oil lamps of Diwali nurture fresh hopes in every heart and the dazzles of fireworks motivate heart to take a leap of joy.  On such an occasion of satiety, the Goddess associated with good luck and prosperity is worshipped with devotion and decorum. Passionate and heart-felt offerings are made to Goddess Lakshmi… wishing that the atmosphere of happiness should last with them forever.

Call upon the Goddess Lakshmi to make you and your family happy with health and prosperity.

The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi brings luck, wealth prosperity and good health. Her beautiful countenance and auspicious energies save her devotees from poverty and removes sorrow from their lives. She is a Goddess worshipped in every household and often with her consort Vishnu.

Celebrating Day of Prosperity with Lakshmi

On the day of Diwali, in some places Lakshmi is worshipped with Ganesha – Ganesha is first worshipped to remove all obstacles and grant the right wisdom to achieve prosperity. Blessings of Ganesha enables them to enjoy the blessings of Lakshmi. In some households, Lakshmi is prayed along with Goddess Saraswati and Mahakali or Goddess Kali after offering prayer to Ganesha. As Ganesha removes obstacles and confusions, Goddess Kali removes all negative vibrations, Goddess Saraswati grants knowledge and Lakshmi bestows prosperity. Sometimes, Lakshmi is invoked by offering prayers to the fire of oil lamps. Many people welcome Kubera also to their house and offer their prayers.

During the excitement of Diwali, engage yourselves in activities that would strengthen and reinforce your desires and ambitions.

Diwali is the day of thanksgiving, blessings and grace. Celebrating the occasion, seeking good energies of the day through complete mindfulness brings about desirable changes in life. With this understanding, people in different parts of India celebrate this day by not only indulging in merriment but also making solemn prayers to the divine powers. By performing rituals of puja in the house, benevolent energies are given access to enter their houses and make desirable changes in their lives.

Diwali beholds a unique charm.

The glittering bands of multicolored fireworks adorning the sky, the glow of the lamps and the boom of the crackers are unique memories of the day that one beholds in their mind long after. Presence of Lakshmi in houses marks the day when benevolent forces of Nature bring prosperity and happiness.


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