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Brahmahatya Dosha Remedy Powerspot – Thiruvidaimarudhur Mahalinga Swamy (Shiva) Temple

DateMay 31, 2018

Brahmahatya Dosha, the Great Sin

Brahmahatya is regarded as a grave affliction. It is said that the person who committed this sin will have to face serious consequences, not only in that birth but also in the ones that follow. A popular Powerspot of Shiva has been prescribed as a remedy Powerspot.

Thiruvidaimarudhur Shiva Temple

The Lord Shiva temple at Thiruvidaimarudhur is an important abode of the supreme God, situated in the state of Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of river Cauvery at about 8 kilometers from Kumbakonam, this temple complex remains one of the biggest in the state. Everything about the temple is enormous, and these include the towers, entrances, passageway, the Nandi and even the idols of the deities.

Brahmahatya Dosha Remedy Powerspot

Lord Shiva is worshipped here in the name of Mahalinga Swamy, while his consorts, Bruhatsundara Gujamabika and Mookambika are housed in separate shrines. The great saint-philosopher Adi Shankara has visited the temple and prayed to Lord Shiva here. The presiding deity has also been sung about by the Nayanars, the Shaivite saints.

Legend of the Temple and the Dosha

Some legends speak highly about the Shiva in the temple and his blessings in relieving people even of the deadly Brahmahatya Dosha. The references are sometimes about the Pandya king Varaguna Pandiyan and at some other places, about a Chozha prince. It is said that he incurred the Brahmahatya sin for having caused the death of a Brahmin. Chased by the spirit of the deceased which came in the form of the ferocious Brahmarakshas, the royal entered the Thiruvidaimarudhur temple and sought refuge in Lord Shiva, for saving himself from the ghost.

The Lord offered him protection and advised him to exit from the temple through the other entrance. The royal did so and thus saved himself from the clutches of the monstrous form. Unable to enter the sacred abode of the Lord, it is said that the spirit waited outside the entrance of the temple and it is still staying there itself, perhaps waiting for its prey! An image of Brahmarakshas can still be seen outside the tower entrance in the temple, as a symbolic representation of this incredible incident. It is also practice here for the devotees to finish their worship in the temple and come out through the other entrance and not by the one they came in.

There is a firm belief among the people here that visiting this temple, worshipping Lord Mahalinga Swamy and performing the special Pooja for mitigating Brahmahatya Dosha. Sincere prayers to Shiva in the form of Mahalinga Swamy can wipe out the grave sin and absolve people of the Brahmahatya Dosha and other afflictions. Hence, a large number of people undertake that ritual here, and Thiruvidaimarudhur temple itself has become well-known as the one which can absolve people of Brahmahatya Dosha.

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