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Birth Astrology: An Overview

DateJune 21, 2013


The moment of your birth into this world also seals the planets exactly the way they appeared in the sky at the time of your birth. As planets control all aspects of our life, the very position of them at birth provides an insight into your life, in fact, with the influence lasting through life; that is why we create birth charts or birth horoscopes.



Birth horoscopes or birth charts, as said above are made based on the said position of planets and help us to identify why certain things are happening, how to find solutions to certain problems and how certain planets are controlling you etc. Planets, their positions or transits, aspects, strength etc. are taken into consideration in preparing Astro charts and giving predictions.

Let’s talk about a few crucial factors of Birth Astrology that provides greater inputs to your personality and outlook towards life.


1) Exact Birth Time

Your birth chart is special as it is specifically for you, and what makes it unique is the precise time of birth. On the day you were born, many would have been born, therefore, predictions based on birthday tends to be generalized at certain points of time. But, with your exact time of birth, the predictions are only and only for you. Vedic astrology has ways to find your exact birth time in case you don’t have it, so that your predictions are accurate.


2) Lagna or Ascendant

This is an important aspect of Astro chart, and represents the sign that rises in the east when you were born. The natal Lagna chart helps to know several features regarding your personality and life, especially your physical body, personality and general outlook on life. There occur changes in the sign every two hours that is yet another reason for the requirement of accurate birth time.


3) Surya Lagna & Chandra Lagna Birth Chart

The Surya chart is prepared based on the placement of Sun in birth chart, whereas the Chandra chart is made with the basis of Moon placement. These Lagna charts need to be studied for accurate predictions and are of equal importance.


Birth Star Signs

Another important feature of birth astrology is the birth star and birth star signs. The birth stars, 27 in total and occupying 13 degrees to 20 minutes of Zodiac represents the placement of Moon in any of these at the time of your birth. The Moon while passing the zodiac, will be occupying any one among these stars and if He, for instance, is present in Mrigasira, that would be your Nakshatra.

Birth star or Nakshatras can help to provide great inputs into your personality. Certain characteristics are associated with all the birth stars. Astrologers take your star into consideration while giving predictions, remedies etc. In fact, predictions which are strongly based on observations of planet placements/transits, correlation with respect to stars etc. are found to be more precise.



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