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Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities Ranked From Worst to Best

DateMay 24, 2023

Here’s a list of the best and worst zodiac signs based on their qualities, ranked from least to best.

Do you know that your date of birth can determine your Zodiac sign? There are twelve Zodiac signs in total, each with its unique set of positive and negative qualities. In this blog, we will focus on the positive qualities of each Zodiac sign. So, whether you are an Aries or a Pisces, keep reading to learn more about your Zodiac sign’s positive attributes.

In the following analysis, we will assess and arrange each Zodiac sign based on their respective features and characteristics.

Rank-12:- Libra is an airy sign ruled by Venus, and its best quality is to maintain the balance between personal and professional life. Most of the time, they lead their lives happily and positively, and they help others when people show trust, faith, and loyalty. They urge for a loyal and trustworthy loving partner but might cheat their partner in return for romance. However, these people may help others financially and socially. They want to spread happiness in society but get touched, irritated, and frustrated if someone criticizes them or if things go wrong or not as per their expectations. These people thrive in the business sector.

Best Zodiac Signs by Qualities Ranked From Worst to Best

Rank-11:- Sagittarius is a fiery sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius people are intelligent, full of knowledge, punctual, hard-working, skilled, and educated. They are honest, wise, and have a good sense of humor but lack humility and become too arrogant and prideful in their personal and professional lives. Their pride and ego get the better of them, and they fall from grace or high positions in life. These natives do well in writing, commentary, coaching, anchoring, teaching, and publishing field.

Rank 10:- Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn and Aquarius people’s best quality is they are humble, grounded, straightforward, transparent, practical, on the face, and technologically driven but lack emotional connect and loyalty at times. They are free-willed and free-minded and have difficulty committing to someone as they cannot tolerate bondage or restrictions. However, their courage, valor, and hard-working capacity take them a long way in life. They can be intolerant at times. These people are naturally talented and gifted.

Rank 9:- Mercury rules the Gemini sign, and Gemini natives are adventurous, witty, dynamic, expressive, and humorous but selfish, mean, and greedy as well. They can trick others as they have the charm and courage to manipulate others. They have extraordinary communication skills. They believe in a high standard of living and earn money by hook or by crook. They can be flirty and charming but cannot be trustworthy or loyal in a relationship, sometimes even after marriage. Gemini natives do well in the social media and entertainment field.

Rank 8:- Mars rules the Aries sign, and it is a positive, energetic, highly driven, and career-oriented Zodiac sign. These people have ample energy and stamina with the courage to chase their dreams and fulfill their desires. However, these natives are rash, selfish, and impulsive as well, and because of that, they might face hardship in their family life or romantic life. These natives love freedom and adventure, but their aggression may go out of control sometimes. These people can be bold, audacious and value friendships. Aries people do well in the public sector.

Rank 7:- Pisces sign ruled by Jupiter and Pisces people are very humble, charitable, loving, caring, noble, generous, and selfless in life. They care about others’ emotions and respect every Individual. These natives have massive hidden artistic or creative talent. These natives easily attract the opposite sex as they are charming, loyal, indolent, and mysterious. They are honest and committed in their romantic life but lacks the courage or audacity to chase their goals or complete their important task or objectives. These people are lazy, escape from tough situations and remain in their dreamy world, and they are not driven enough to fulfill expectations or fight for their rights. However, they have the potential to become successful and famous. One may shine in an artistic or creative field.

Rank 6:- Taurus is an earthy sign ruled by Venus, and these people work hard for their success and earn materialistic prosperity and abundance in life. They love genuinely and work honestly in life with total commitment. They have the wisdom to lead a happy life, but at times, they want to find logic in everything and force others to agree with them in each aspect of life. They can be dominating in the family and married life. These people are vigorous eaters and can get addicted to liquor, wine, smoking, drugs, etc. These people shine in speculative business o the financial sector.

Rank 5:- Virgo is an earthy sign ruled by Mercury. These people are practical and aspire to lead and influence others. They are grounded, humble, and work hard and chase their dream. They become successful individually and become team leaders and provide ways for the success of others as well. They are dedicated and disciplined but criticize others on minor issues and force or direct people to do things as per their wishes. They can be pretentious and lofty, and argumentative. However, they have an eye for beauty and look at everything minutely in detail. They have humanitarian qualities, do charity, and serve others.

Rank 4:- Mars rules the water sign Scorpio. Scorpio people are aggressive, rude, and jealous but achieve their dreams, desires, and objectives because of their warrior-like attitude and self-belief. They do not give up easily and can become faithful lovers or spouses. However, they are very perplexing and doubt others easily. But those who earn their trust get their love, care, affection, money, and everything in return. They have controlling and over-possessive nature. Self-employment gives them popularity and high status.

Rank 3:- Cancer Zodiac Sign is a watery sign ruled by the moon. The Cancer sign people are the most humble, caring, loving, and affectionate people in the world. They make their family life harmonious and turn out to be the best husbands, wives, and parents. However, these people are highly sensitive, over-emotional, and always have over-expectations or high expectations from others. They are imaginative but can be manipulative as well. They can be biased and take sides as well. These natives shine in sports and the artistic world. These people also do well in the media, marketing, ad advertising fields.

Rank 2:- Capricorn natives are the most hard-working and have immense patience and persistence to escape from struggle and achieve success and wealth in life. These natives are loyal and dedicated to their work. These natives usually attain great heights in their careers. Silence and work in solitude is their strength. They are selective and wise in choosing their friends or partner but remain loyal to them. There are action-oriented, at the same time, very secretive in life. They are cooperative but hardly show their emotions or feelings, even in front of their partner or family. They can be selfish, cunning, and self-centered at times. These natives gain success through jobs and business. Capricorn natives earn well from agriculture and the real estate sector as well.

Rank 1:- Leo sign is the best sign as they are naturally talented, gifted, and fortunate. Talent and prosperity come to them naturally. These natives are courageous and guard their reputation and honor above everything. Their self-respect is above everything for them, and they cannot tolerate any disrespect or injustice in society. They are born with natural leadership qualities. Leo natives are courageous and honest and want to reach the top position in life and work extremely hard for that. Their valor and pride are absolutely incredible. They are intuitive and emotional but hardly show it to the world. These people can be top politicians, industrialists, entrepreneurs, or administrators.


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