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Astroved Founder’s Birthday Wish

DateJanuary 31, 2013

Special Announcement: FREE Fire Ritual for Wealth & Prosperity

Join us for an AstroVed Founder’s Day Celebration on February 1st! Dr. Pillai, the founder of AstroVed is an international teacher, humanitarian and a scholar-mystic. He has been revealing karma removal secrets for over 30 years in order to relieve humanity from the day to day suffering. Let us join together to celebrate the 64th birthday of a great leader, whose teachings and guidance has helped people around world to change their consciousness and live with more joy and prosperity.

Dr. Pillai's Birthday 2013

Dr. Pillai’s wishes for all of us, regardless of education, karma or background, to have Financial Abundance & Freedom. To that end, a FREE Lakshmi Kubera Group Homa will be performed at the AstroVed Fire lab Chennai India on February 1st, IST. This powerful fire ritual will invoke the blessings of Archetypal Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Kubera, embodiments for wealth and prosperity.

* Please share the news of this FREE Lakshmi-Kubera Group Fire Ritual celebrating AstroVed Founder’s Birthday. There are only 48 hours left to take advantage of this Free Prosperity Ritual!

Venus Brings Happiness into the World

Venus being in Capricorn is very good for Venusian things. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, who is a great friend to Venus, and Saturn is currently exalted. The next two transits of Venus into Aquarius and Pisces are also going to be extremely beneficial. The next three and half months is favorable for you to really, really focus on accumulating wealth, properties, housing, jewelry, etc. as Venus will be very supportive of your efforts.

The way you can benefit during this time period, is to observe the hours ruled by Venus and Saturn and perform a virtual Pooja. Or you can participate in an AstroVed offering designed to ensure that you get the full support of Venus. Remember to celebrate the transit of Venus into Capricorn while Saturn the ruler of Capricorn is in exaltation in Venus’s house. This is a fantastic combination so we should all welcome this Venus transit.

The Technology of Abundant Grace

There are some time honored technologies that will help you connect with the abundant energy of Grace. Jupiter touches you through the body of the Enlightened Guru. The Guru’s Sandals are worshipped, because the Guru’s power resides in the feet. The nerves from the Crown Chakra reach right down to the feet and the vibrations of the inner self constantly flow out through the feet. More power flows from the feet than any other body part.

We have a limited number of Silver Sandals which are a symbolic representation of the Guru’s feet being fully energized and infused during upcoming Fire Rituals. You can keep the Sandals near you as the Guru’s Grace Energy that emanates from them will provide protection and give you a deepening relationship with the Divine Realms.

4 Powerful Healing Energies

Jyestha Tuesday: According to the Great Siddha Agastya, a little known healing ritual performed at the right time, on this day, has the miraculous ability to heal the body, mind and soul from diseases of all types. Agastya revealed that when the Jyestha birth star falls on a Tuesday, miraculous healing energies from 4 great archetypal powers (Shiva, Vishnu, Muruga and Mars), are available. The alignment of the Moon with Jyestha birth star only occurs a few times a year, this coming Tuesday on February 5th, is one of them.

The unique ritual of Light, Sound, & Sandalwood paste activates the Jyestha Linga and infuses the Sandalwood with tremendous healing properties. We will send you this highly charged Sandalwood powder, which can then be applied to your own body for optimal healing.

*Please share the secret of Jyestha Tuesday with anyone you know that is open to and needs divine intervention for overcoming illness, pain and suffering.

Disclaimer: Astrological Remedies are not a substitute for proper medical treatment or advice, and we urge you to follow the advice of medical professionals.

Did You Know?

A fully Enlightened Guru has an awakened and active Crown Chakra. It is called the Thousand Petal Lotus. This is the point of all eternity. The nerves from the Crown Chakra flow to the feet – the intersection of Heaven on Earth. This means that the Guru’s Feet are the shortcut to the Divine Realms.


Venus is exalted in Pisces, the 12th sign of the zodiac. The 12th sign is an indication of Moksha (final liberation). This highlights the importance of Venus in attaining Moksha. Venus is the planet of Love and when Venus is in Pisces, we learn about unconditional Love.


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