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Akshaya Tritiya:Create a Mindset that will not Accept Loss

DateMay 3, 2013

Everyone wants their finances to improve. Those who have limited income and want to make investments for their future safety, tend to look forward to a better salary. But unfortunately there is no consistency in it, it is always fluctuating. How can you save your money from these fluctuations?

The yogis, who have spiritual faculties, came up with a solution.They discovered a 24 hour window of time when it is possible to get the consciousness that disallows any loss and only promotes growth! It could be difficult to accept in rational terms, but spiritually it is possible because we are dealing with brain energies. It’s called Akshaya, which means everlasting. And this energy becomes available on the anniversary when it was first introduced to the earth plane, the day of the 3rd Waxing Moon when the Sun and Moon are both in their signs of exaltation. It is the day of Akshaya Tritiya.

How to Disallow Loss & Only Promote Growth

The discovery that the 3rd waxing Moon gives you the mindset that only allows growth and not loss, helps everyone. It was the business people of India who were the first to embrace it, because they want their business to always grow and never experience loss. That is why they are the big sponsors of this Festival. Astrologically speaking, this Akshaya Tritiya as it is called, is very, very powerful in the sense that the Sun and the Moon are both in their exaltation signs.

AstroVed has identified powerful rituals for this day. In India especially on this day, everyone buys gold because if we get gold on this day then the gold will grow and grow. It is important to participate in the worship service and get the blessings of the God and the Goddess of wealth.

Non-Declining Wealth Festival: Grand Gaja Pooja

We will be celebrating this Akshaya Tritiya in a grand manner, just like the Kings and Queens in Ancient times. There will be Gajas (elephants), ashwas (horses) and cows. These are not just incredible animals but they have sacred powers and they symbolize kingliness, authority, magnanimity, energy, love and prosperity. On the day of Akshaya Tritiya, meditate on the concept of Non-Declining Wealth and it will go deep into your consciousness.

Significance of Akshaya Thritiya

There are many stories associated with Akshaya Thrithiya. Two of the most popular have to do with Draupadi, wife of the Pandava brothers, and Sudhama, a childhood friend of Lord Krishna.

Draupadi and the Akshaya Patra

This story is narrated in the epic, Mahabharatha. During the exile of the five Pandavas and their common wife, Draupadi, a saint expressed his wish to have food with them. But they had already eaten and the food had got over. Not wanting to disappoint the saint, Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna. Suddenly, Krishna arrived at their house saying that he was very hungry. There was just one grain of rice in the pot. He took it and ate it.

Immediately, the pot turned into an Akshaya Patra meaning ‘that which never diminishes.’ Eventually, the saint came with 400 people. But Draupadi was able to feed all of them from the same pot. The more food she took from it, the more food came from it.

Sudhama and Krishna

The second story is about Sudhama, a poor friend of Krishna. One day, Sudhama’s wife told him to meet Krishna, who was very rich, and ask for his help. Sudhama agreed. As he didn’t want to go empty-handed, his wife packed three handfuls of puffed rice in a cloth and gave it to him. When Sudhama met Krishna, the latter warmly welcomed him, and washed his feet. According to the story, Sudhama forgot to give the rice to Krishna and also to ask for help as he was too overcome by love for Krishna whom he was meeting after a long time. Just before Sudhama took his leave, Krishna asked, ‘I think you brought me something? Give it to me.” Sudhama gave him the rice. Krishna ate one handful, then another. Just then, his wife Rukmini came and demanded the third one. Meanwhile, Sudhama left without asking Krishna the favor he wanted. When he reached home, he found his humble house had turned into a palace which overflowed with wealth and gold.

Both these stories reinforce the idea of wealth – be it in the form of food or gold – being constantly replenished on account of God’s grace.


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