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Aadi Velli – 4 Divine Fridays of the Goddess

On July 14, 2011


Unite With the Goddess Power

 Aadi Velli 2011
Aadi Velli refers to the divine Fridays that occur during the Tamil month of Aadi which falls from July 15th to August 15th. There are totally four Fridays in the month of Aadi, all of which are sacred days to unite with the Goddess power or the divine feminine Shakti. The Goddesses of Aadi Velli bestows her blessings and divine energy to both men and women without any gender barrier. This year the Aadi Velli celebrations start from Friday, 22nd July.

Goddess Durga’s Blessings on First Friday

 Goddess Durga Goddess Durga who is the chief deity of the First Aadi Velli which falls on July 22nd, has her abode in Patteeswaram Temple. In this temple, Goddess Durga stands with one foot ready to offer help to her ardent devotees. The divine energy generated from the prayers to Goddess on this sacred event curbs all the negativities in the lives of her devotees and presents them with well being and sustained progress.

Goddess Parvati's Blessings for Beauty

”GoddessOn July 29th, which is the second Friday of this Aadi, Goddess Parvati who has her divine presence in Thiruvotriyur presents her special blessings to devotees. Parvati, who is the Goddess of wisdom and beauty, is a very powerful deity. Devotees who offer their sincere prayers on this blessed event can derive enormous blessings to enhance their physical appearance, beauty and wisdom together.

Pray Goddess Indraprasadavalli for Inimitable Power

”The third Friday of Aadi falls on August 5th. Goddess Indraprasadavalli who is the principal deity of this event has her abode in Marudanadu. One can imagine the significance of this event by knowing the fact that even celestial beings and siddhas visit this Goddess on this sacred Friday and offer their prayers to achieve superior power and intellect. Devotees can offer their relentless prayers on this Aadi Velli to attain superior power and driving force.
Goddess for Marital Harmony

”On August 12th falls the fourth Aadi Velli event. The chief deity of this divine day is Goddess Karpagambal, who along with Lord Shiva has her divine presence in Kabaleeswara temple. This Goddess is very famous for granting blessings for successful marriage proceedings and marital harmony. Devotees who suffer from marriage obstacles or yearn for marital harmony can worship this Goddess on this sacred occasion to solve the marital problems and accomplish successful marriage and harmony in marital relation.

4 Divine Fridays for Versatile Blessings

Devotees who pray the divine feminine energy during all the four Fridays of the Aadi Velli occasion will receive all round benefits. Goddesses of the four divine Fridays will shower abundant blessings and positive energy to all the devotees who worship them with sacred mind frame.



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