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Aadi Amavasya 2015: Honor Your Ancestors

DateJune 24, 2015

As the only process of attaining mukti from this cycle of birth and death, Pind Daan done helps in freeing the atma (spirit) of the dead to become free from this circle of rebirth.~ Bhagawad Gita 1.42

Aadi is the Tamil month that falls from mid-July to mid- Aug. It is an important month to Hindus to offer prayers to the divine and seek blessings. It is also a significant time to offer prayers to our ancestors on the New Moon day of Aadi. This will be the first New Moon of the Sun`s southward journey or it is the Sun`s dakshinayana kala.


On important days like New Moon, ancestors descend on the earth plane to the houses of their dear ones to receive offerings. It is a moral duty of every individual to offer oblations to their departed loved ones. Offering Tarpanam on Aadi Amavasya day brings great blessings to one`s family. It also brings peace to the restless souls in Pitru Loka.

Pitru Dosh – bad effects of not worshipping ancestors

If one fails to worship their ancestors on important days like New Moon days, their ancestors will not be relieved of their sufferings. Such acts will incur the curse or the dosh of the ancestors in one`s horoscope. Pitru dosh in a horoscope can cause innumerable problems like diseases, debts, constant failures, childlessness, delayed marriage, problems in career growth.

In a horoscope, if the ninth house is afflicted or the Lord of the ninth house is afflicted then it indicates Pitru dosh. To get rid of the curses of ancestors, it is best to offer oblations of water and sesame to the departed ancestors or do Pooja with faith and love towards them.

Aadi Amavasya Tarpanam

This year Aadi Amavasya falls on August 14th and one can offer Pind daan or tarpanam at holy places like Rameshwaram, Gaya, Avantika, Puri, Dwaraka, Haridwar, Badrinath, Kasi, and Allahabad or by the banks of River Ganges.

Aadi Amavasya Pooja

One should take a holy dip in the rivers or oceans and fast on this day to honor one`s ancestors. Pooja can be done in temples by lighting lamps for the well-being of the ancestors. It helps the ancestors to reach higher planes of existence.

Food and water oblations made to the ancestors and offered with love and devotion reaches them in Pitru Loka. They bless us in return with blessings of wealth, happiness, progeny, long standing disputes resolved and a good life.


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