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2000-Year-Old Powerspot Mythology: Debt Clearance Blessings

On July 11, 2018

Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar

This is Lord Shiva who clears all liabilities. ‘Runa’ means debt, ‘Vimochana’ is relieving, and ‘LingaEshwarar’ refers to the Linga form of Lord Shiva. Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar can thus be called as the Lord of Debt Clearance. Here, the debt can be taken to mean not only loans or financial liabilities, but also all encumbrances and obligations, including diseases and worries.

This Lord is a powerful deity whose image is said to have been installed by the sage Markandeya at the power spot, where the divine energy of Shiva is believed to be present in abundance.

The Legend of Markandeya

Markandeya was a great sage. He was also a fervent devotee of Lord Shiva right from his childhood. The Lord displayed an astounding miracle in his young life, and the legend about that is quite amazing.

Markandeya was born as the son of sage Mrikandu, who was highly devoted to Lord Shiva. He was initially childless and pleaded with Shiva to bless him with a progeny. The Lord acceded but is said to have given his devotee the option of choosing between a virtuous, but a short-lived son and a long-living dullard. It was a tough choice, and the sage went for the righteous son. Thus, was born Markandeya, who was destined to live only for 16 years.

Markandeya grew up to be a brilliant boy endowed with all good qualities and also with intense devotion towards Shiva. But the fateful last day of his short life arrived in due course and Yama, the Lord of death came down dutifully to take away this young life. But the boy, highly matured with faith and wisdom, physically threw himself around Lingeshwarar, the Linga image of Shiva and clung to him tightly. As Yama threw his deadly noose towards the boy for separating his life from the body and carrying it away, it landed on the Linga too. This enraged Shiva, who then is said to have come out immediately of the idol with all his fury and subdued Yama in no time. It is even said that the God of Death met with his own death in the hands of Shiva there, at that time. Shiva, however, is said to have revived Yama later so that the essential functions of the universe to go on without interruption.

Lord Shiva, who destroyed even death for protecting his devotee Markandeya came to be known as Mrithyunjaya or Kalantaka.

Debt Clearance Blessings

It is said that there were people during the time of sage Markandeya, who were blessed with sound knowledge and health, but still suffered from acute poverty, and ended by running massive debts. As per the 2000-year-old mythology, the sage developed immense compassion for such people, and with a view of mitigating their sorrow, he installed the Linga image of Lord Shiva in the highly efficacious power spot and worshipped him as Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar.

Shiva was pleased with the intention and efforts of the selfless sage, answered his prayers and blessed the people with wealth, prosperity and wellbeing.

This belief is held all the more strongly even today, and people trust that if they worship Shiva at this place for 11 Mondays continuously, the Lord will answer their prayers and relieve them of all their financial and other burdens.

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