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5 Yantras that Shield You from Enemies

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 5,711
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Do you wish to keep yourself safe from your enemies at all points in time or you feel scared of your opponents or do you wish to be safeguarded from people who can harm you anyways? If you just said ‘yes’ to any of this, then there is one thing that you must possess or bring home so that all these concerns would be at bay. Bring home a Yantra that helps overcome fear from enemies.


Durga Yantra

What better than Shakti in the form of Durga intervening and helping you conquer your enemies! The Durga Yantra is one of the most powerful and effective Yantras to date for outdoing your rivals and to overcome your fears and be more courageous. She protects you from all kinds of dangers and makes you prosperous too when you seek her blessings.

Hanuman Yantra

Hanuman is the deity who guards you from not just enemies, but all kinds of dangers. He is considered to be so powerful than he can shield you from dangers or malefic effects of Saturn as well! Having a Hanuman Yantra at home and worshiping it every day will keep all rivals at bay and help you lead a peaceful life.


Rahu Yantra

If you have the feeling or doubt that there is someone out there who is trying to do bad to you or wants to overpower you then that person can only be a foe. Overpowering them or not letting them succeed in their bad intention is what the Rahu Yantra can do for you. Rahu Yantra protects you from hidden enemies and helps survive mishaps.

Shiva Yantra/Mrityunjaya Yantra

Your enemies can be in the form of negative spirits as well. Shiva Yantra helps you conquer all such forms of enemies. Evil planets and all kind of evil power can be conquered by invoking Lord Shiva through this Yantra. Are you a politician or official who can be harmed by your rivals, then Mrityunjaya Yantra can be of great help to you! This Yantra helps prevent harm from rivals and also take off the fear of death from within you. Do chant the Mrityunjaya mantra regularly with the Yantra in front of you, and then you would witness amazing benefits.

Sudarshana Yantra

Lord Vishnu, the one with the Sudarshana Chakra, is the principal deity behind this Yantra. It is he who will protect you from your enemies and vanquish them. When you have a Sudarshana Yantra at home and worship it with utmost devotion it will solve your worries by safeguarding you from all the people who wish to do bad to you. This Yantra will bless you with immense strength and courage and keep all evil or negative forces at bay when worshiped regularly. Some of the other Yantras that are helpful in overpowering your enemies are Baglamukhi Maha Yantra, Siddha Mahakali Yantra and Bhairav/Bhairon Yantra. Bring home one or more of these Yantras and you will witness that you are completely safeguarded from enemies of all types.  


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