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Why was August 16th a Black Friday?

June 11, 2015 | Total Views : 2,113
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It was a complete mayhem at the Dalal Street on Friday, August 16th. Sensex crashed 769 points, rupee plunged to a record low of 62.03 per dollar and investors were running for cover. It was the day when the stock market planet Jupiter entered the star of Rahu. share-astrology Rahu is a naturally malefic planet influencing fear complex, anger and dissatisfaction. It is also the planet indicating foreign factors which is why the fresh concerns about US stimulus withdrawal lead to a steep fall of Sensex. According to an estimate, investors lost a combined $32 billion on that day. The Indian government has been working closely with the country’s central bank to stabilize rupee by restricting dollar outflows and placing fresh restrictions on import of gold. But it all went haywire because of the influence of the planetary transit. Jupiter is also the planet indicating money. Its transit in the star of Rahu (a planet that manipulates) influenced the fall in the value of rupee.


Announcement of stringent measures by India's central bank on August 14th about restrictions on Indian companies investing on overseas projects and outward remittances further instilled fears among the investors. The sub-lord of Jupiter, Venus was occupying the 12th house of the disappointment, which reverberated in the minds of the brokers and market regulators on Friday, August 16th. Consumer durables, property, banks and metal sector were some of the badly hit sectors on the day of crash. The rise in the gold prices on Friday was seen as an effect of the 10 % hike in the import duty imposed by the government to restrict the import of the yellow metal. In stock market astrology, Jupiter is the planet indicating gold and its position in Rahu star influenced a hike in gold prices. Another planet which is closely studied for making stock market forecast is Mercury. On Friday, Mercury was in his own star afflicted by Saturn. This planetary aspect aggravated the disorderly state of Indian stock market. Further, Moon - the planet influencing day to day movements in the share market, was also placed in a sign of Mercury, which brought it under the indirect impact of the planet Saturn. Did You know? According to Stock Market Astrology, a person with a strong 5th house and Mercury will become a big gainer in stock market, especially in longer term investments. They should stay invested despite some short term losses. The combined impact of all these planetary transits made August 16th a haunting day for the Indian stock market. It will be remembered as another Black Friday. Stock market astrology would interpret the cosmic energies of the stellar bodies to guide investors about the best time to buy or sell one’s stocks. By following the guidance provided by the market forecasts, one can increase their profits and downside risks in a highly volatile market. In fact, Donald Regan, formerly Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff, once said "It's common knowledge that a large percentage of Wall Street brokers use astrology". Stock Market Advice for the Coming Days : The banking sector would be positive in the coming days. Buying of banking stocks and keeping it for long term will be gainful.

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