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What Is Financial Astrology

October 5, 2020 | Total Views : 124
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Most of us plan a lot to settle in a well-paid profession or business and earn more. But, most often, we may lack the knowledge and planning to save or invest the money profitably for returns. Managing your finances does not come that easily and is based on a lot of factors, other than the economic scenario of the world. Here is where our ancient science, Vedic Astrology can lend you a helping hand, big time. Financial Astrology is a special branch of Vedic Astrology that gives you accurate predictions to manage your finances wisely.

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Do you have the following questions on your mind?

  •  Can I invest in the stock market? When is the right time?
  •  Can I trade? Which items would be profitable?
  •  Will I be successful in business? Should I handle it solely or have a partner?
  •  How can I boost my chances of success as an investor?

Read on to understand how financial astrology can give answers to these questions and much more for your successful financial future:

How Can Financial Astrology Help You?

A financial astrologer would analyze your birth chart and gives precise readings on your financial future, how good will you be in money-handling, will you be successful in starting a business, and so on. In today’s competitive world, earning handsome money may come from jobs, but investing and saving money wisely can be a big challenge. With financial advisors and researchers predicting global economics every day, how can it be beneficial to you as an individual is based on your birth chart. 

Your horoscope tells everything about your skills and abilities to budget, invest, and save your money in a wise and profitable manner. A financial astrologer can help you do this with accurate predictions, timely recommendations, and simple, yet effective remedies. In financial astrology, the placements of Jupiter and Saturn in the birth chart play an important role in deciding your finances. When they are strong places, you can earn well in stock markets. It would also favor buying a new home or make investments in real estate.

Identifying the ruling planets in your birth chart is also important, as they support your financial growth. If you are running a weak Dasha (major planetary period) or weak 6th, 8th or 12th Lords, then you may not make much profit your investments, even when your ruling planets are in favorable positions. But in such cases, losses could be minimal. Also, if you are undergoing a Raja Yoga Dasha, like Jupiter Maha Dasha, and Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope, then you would taste success in your investments, even when your ruling planets are not favorably placed. This could slow down your profits, but not your progress.

There are numerous factors like these that would be analyzed by your financial astrologer to predict the future of your finances in stock market, real estate, business, or any investment. So, if you are planning to invest, trade, or even commence a small business, it is recommended that you consult with an expert financial astrologer and predict the future of your finances. You would get answers to all your finance-related questions and solutions to boost your chances of success in handling your finances in the best and profitable way. 

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