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Taurus Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

March 2, 2021 | Total Views : 43
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Taurus people will find April a great month, with good development in all aspects of their life. You will do exceedingly well. If looking for foreign projects, you may get a job with some foreign association. Be mindful of your speech, and avoid using harsh words. You may develop a spiritual bent. Positive things have been foretold in your destiny this month. Travel abroad for work and also spiritual purposes is possible.  Get your free daily horoscope readings for love, health, finance, and career at


Love Relationships:

Romantic prospects look good this month. Your spouse or lover may be happy as you may spend money on them. Try to improve your relationships by showing affection and refrain from harsh speech, especially as the planets may induce you to do so. Spend more time with your partner, as work and travel will keep you busy. You will focus on your family and self. Socializing with friends may take a backseat. 

Wealth will come to you though it may be delayed. There will be steady growth in investments, and you will hit it off with new business partners. There may be some career changes as well as some marked improvements in your personality. This will make those around you happy. Loans may be paid off. Do not take new loans as it may entail risks. Avoid impulsive decisions.

A good month for professionals, since you may become more powerful, wise, and creative. Your networking circle will expand, and you will be recognized by peers, and if you have to travel abroad for work, you can do very well. Try to share your ideas and plans with your superiors to get more recognition from them, but avoid any displays of ego or anger. Travel for work may bring good results, despite some delays. Work hard and ensure good relationships with your boss and colleagues. This will open many doors in your career. Your reputation will grow, and you will become more responsible and wiser at work.

Partnership business looks good, but avoid risky ventures. You may be prone to anger. Maintain calmness while striking new business deals and stay away from risky decisions and actions. Good business partners may come from other cities or even abroad. Make sure you do some research about potential business partners and don't place blind trust in anyone. Be cool and confident.

Taurus professionals, especially those in government service or creative fields, may make great progress in their work. Support from colleagues and seniors will be available. Sudden gains are possible at work due to luck and destiny. There may be a few surprises in professional life, and you are likely to get a promotion. Have patience and faith, and take decisions after much thought.

Health may be fine, except for some migraines and headaches. Try not to feel stressed and do meditation. Getting some sunlight and chanting Gayatri Mantra may benefit you. Follow a healthy diet and make time for exercise. Work-related ailments like neck and back pain may occur, so do not exert yourself. Avoid angry outbursts, for it may raise your BP.

Students can look forward to a good time. They may not have any mental distractions. Their mind will be bright and radiant, and they will put in hard work. Good results will come if they make an extra effort. They need to use their intellect properly. Planets will occupy your houses of destiny and action, so you will enjoy good luck. Listen to your teachers and do not argue with them. Their blessings will benefit you.

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