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Gemini Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

March 2, 2021 | Total Views : 63
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Gemini April 2021 General Horoscope:

Gemini people will have a mixed month. There will be some changes in your personal and professional life and some ups and downs in health and wealth. You may develop an interest in artistic pursuits. Self-obsession may make you lose focus on important tasks. Love life and relationships are under a cloud. Avoid arguments with your lover, spouse, and other family members. Try to behave responsibly. Get your free daily horoscope readings for love, health, finance, and career at


Love Relationships:

Do not rush into things if looking for the right partner. Allow it to happen naturally in its own time. Your soulmate will be spiritual, and you will seek an honest person who has the same mental wavelength. You demand commitment and truthfulness in the potential life partner. If you recently ended a relationship, you may succeed in moving on. You may meet your lover on a trip abroad for work or leisure. Be patient and try to understand the person before committing. Let your heart, not your mind, be the arbiter in matters of love.

Many unexpected events are foretold this month. They will surprise and puzzle you and trigger an interest in mysticism and the occult. There will be unexpected gains from your work and also from paternal relatives. There are likely to be some financial issues. Sudden wealth is a possibility. Hard work and effort are needed. Heed the advice of elders on making and saving money. Planets will bring lots of wealth, but you need to pray and meditate daily. Perform an act of charity at a temple for more financial luck. Some wealth may come from your father or father-in-law.

Some unexpected events may occur at work. Some may benefit you, and some may not. But overall, you will have luck and fortune. You will be focused on some unresolved, work-related problems. Your boss will praise your skills and courage. Extra work may bring on some mental stress. People will like your bold speech and will love your company. Be careful not to lose your cool, and do not use harsh words. New responsibilities may be given to you at work. Hard work will bring recognition. There is more luck for you in going abroad. You will do well now and acquire many comforts.

Partnership business can bring good results, especially if you enter into business deals abroad. Foreign clients and customers will like your ideas and approach in business. There may be some hurdles for travel, but with patience, they can be overcome, and you can be victorious. You will be able to generate new business leads and sign some good contracts. But there may be trouble with seniors, and you may not be able to achieve professional goals and business targets. Revealing your passion to seniors may get their support. Unexpected sources may bring business, but you should proceed with caution.

Gemini natives are quite sharp and intellectual but also a bit judgmental. Their judgmental approach may bring laurels as well as trouble. Work-related stress is possible, especially for those in IT, publishing, accounts, etc. Tasks will pile up this month, and you may travel abroad for some unexpected work, too. So try to complete pending tasks on time. Seniors may praise your wisdom and knowledge. Avoid unnecessary arguments and be circumspect in speech and actions. A promotion or pay hike may be in the offing.

Health will see some ups and downs, and it may become weak. The planets protect your health and ensure a long life sans major health issues. Some unexpected health-related expenses are possible. Work-related stress is likely. Eating sattvik food may help. Avoid stress, and do Yoga. Pray and meditate daily for a happy life.

Students may find this a better month than March. They will feel lethargic and stressed out, but they may acquire a sharp mind. Avoid too many indulgences and distractions. With proper focus, they can sharpen their intellectual skills, and this will help them in their studies. The chances of foreign education look bright. You will get aid for higher education. You may take up research-related studies. Sincere efforts may help you win a scholarship.

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