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Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility

November 21, 2017 | Total Views : 11,598
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Sagittarius with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

Both of you are energetic and enthusiastic and is a very compatible pairing. You both are adventurous and would make a cheerful and joyous couple. Both of you like to enjoy your personal freedom and are optimistic, daring and stimulating. You both are spontaneous and instinctual in expressing your emotions and are rather uncomfortable with dependency. Although both of you are impulsive, you differ in the way of your expression. Sagittarians use their intellect and categorize things as positive and negative. Arians on the other hand may become frustrated of being told what to do and how to react to situations. However, Sagittarians’ sense of humor will save a fight here. On a positive note, both of you are extremely compatible and have great respect for each other. You both are loyal and there is no need for you two to be secretive or controlling. Both of you want freedom and enjoy competitive and intellectual sparring. With very little effort, you both can make a successful and happy couple.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

Both of you are emotionally different and have conflicting views. Sagittarians love their freedom, crave for adventures and travel and have a strong quest for knowledge, whereas Taureans prefer to follow conventional methods and do not like to deviate from the stable and fixed routine. In fact, Taurus natives hate to accept changes in domestic life or relationships and are quite uncomfortable with Sagittarians’ impatience. One of you may have to make compromises which could cause imbalance in the relationship and lead to conflicts. Taurus natives want harmony and comfort whereas Sagittarians love to experience new ventures. The way of handling finances may differ among you two – what seems as enjoyment for Sagittarians may appear unworthy and risky for the Taureans. Sagittarians plan well ahead for the future whereas Taureans are concerned about the present and immediate problems to be sorted out. Hence it may appear for them as if Sagittarians are living in their own fantasy world, while Sagittarians may feel unappreciated for their dreams. However, since both of you are generous and love freedom, it will enable you to overcome your differences and have a great life.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Your zodiac signs are opposite to each other on the zodiac system which gives you fifty-fifty chance for your relationship to work out or not. If things are smooth, you both will make a wonderful pair. Both of you have similar emotional needs and share a great rapport. You both love to enjoy your freedom and have a great sense of humor. Neither of you like to be dominated by the other. Both of you are curious in learning new things and experiencing new ventures. You both love to travel and share an interest in music, books and movies. Although you both are extremely compatible, you both have differences as well. Both of you are humorous; of which Sagittarians are a bit more philosophical and optimistic. Geminis sometimes exhibit dark humor which might not be understood by the Sagittarians. You both would make good friends and with romance added, you both are perfect for each other. With some effort, you both can overcome your differences and can make romantic couple.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you have different approaches towards life and are a less compatible pairing. Though you both are committed in your relationship, your needs are not the same, which could cause misunderstandings at times. Cancereans want to be secured and are careful in making decisions, whereas Sagittarians are free like wind, enthusiastic and like to be independent. While Cancer natives are sympathetic, caring and compassionate, Sagittarians are open, tactless and somewhat superficial. Sagittarians love adventures and love to experience new things and are willing to travel without any prior planning, whereas Cancereans are fixed with the routine commitments and do not like to take any risk. Cancereans are moody and emotional whereas Sagittarians are energetic most of the time. Sagittarians are impatient with the moodiness of the Cancer natives and may try to analyze or philosophize their moods. Instead of accepting and comforting when Cancereans are upset, they may try to make humor or completely ignore them, which might upset or feel insecure the Cancer natives. While Sagittarians are forward looking, Cancereans are more concerned with the past. On a positive note, Sagittarians can learn to accept the feelings of the Cancer natives and Cancereans can learn from Sagittarians’ humor and optimism.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Both of you are friendly, warm and energetic and have a good understanding with each other. You will cherish each other’s playfulness, kindness and optimism. You both love to live free, enjoy going out together and playing games and sports. However, there are also differences between you two. Sagittarians love their freedom and are quite restless, whereas Leos are emotionally steady and constant. Sagittarians want to free and independent, while the Leos are always seeking attention and they need to be appreciated to stay happy. Sagittarians are frank and tactless which might upset the proud Leos, who take everything personally. Sagittarians do not like to be possessed by their partners whereas Leos are extremely loyal and wants full attention from their partners. You both have great fun when you are together and suit each other very well. If both of you can overcome your differences, you will make a cheerful couple and can succeed in all your efforts easily.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

You both may get along well or maybe not. Both of you may have to face many challenges and one of you may have to make more compromises to make things work out. You both view things differently and have varied approaches to situations. While Virgos are reserved, practical and careful, Sagittarians are idealistic, generous and detached. Virgo natives are more careful and prefer to follow a safe and well-defined path, while Sagittarians love to take risks and experience new things. Virgos see every attention to detail and are orderly, whereas Sagittarians are somewhat careless about every minute detail like Virgo natives. Both of you have to just accept that you see things differently. Virgos follow a budget which might be annoying the Sagittarians. Virgos are punctual while Sagittarians are not. Sagittarians promise more than they can complete while Virgos are clear in what they can do and try hard to keep up their promises. You both may initially find each other attractive, but on the long run it may be difficult for both of you, especially if either of you are trying to convince the other to do things your way.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Both of you are friendly, optimistic, frank and idealistic and are a very good pairing. You both love to socialize with people and see the good and noble in everyone. However, you both have differences as well. Libra natives may appear a bit clingy that they want to spend more time with their partners, which might be uncomfortable for the freedom-loving Sagittarians. Together both of you will enjoy quality time with your friends and seeking adventures. Sometimes, Libra natives may find it difficult to handle the obliviousness of Sagittarians, but will not discuss anything to avoid any conflicts. Sagittarians are frank in expressing their views and thoughts, whereas Libras are usually very diplomatic. Sagittarians may appear to be careless about other’s feelings while Libras are more concerned about the feelings of others. Sagittarians love adventures and may enjoy one alone which might leave the Libras feel alone and insecure. Libra natives always need a companion and feel lonely without a close partner, while Sagittarians are more independent and are uncomfortable with dependence. If you want the relationship to work out, both of you may have to make enough compromises with Libra natives being more diplomatic and accepting nature.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you are emotionally different and may have to face some conflicts. Sagittarians are frank, optimistic and do not dwell over negative or unpleasant experiences, whereas Scorpios are emotionally complex and intense. Sagittarians are quite open and confides freely while Scorpios are somewhat suspicious and do not trust anyone that easily. Scorpios are loyal, secretive and possessive while Sagittarians are friendly, cheerful and logical. Scorpios do not like that much to go out and talk to people and like keep with themselves, whereas Sagittarians love to socialize. Sagittarians are upbeat and try to cheer up the moody Scorpios who tend to dwell in the past, which is more often considered invasive. Also, Scorpios may get deeply attached to their close ones and tend to be jealous and possessive. However, Sagittarians are friendly, warm and want to enjoy their freedom with being questioned all the time. You both have to accept your differences to make the relationship run smoothly.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Both of you share an instinctive understanding and a loyal friendship. You both are optimistic and focus on the future and do not let anything upset or spoil your mood for a long time. You are good at humoring at difficult situations; you humor both yourself and others. Sometimes it may appear very light and detached as though careless about people or emotions. You both tend to approach everything philosophically and see only good things in everything. Both of you always try to stay optimistic although that may not be your actual feeling for the moment. You both will accept only good from others and often try to tell others upon how to react in situations. You both are fun-loving and cheerful and are generally cool to be around. Both of you love adventures and like to experience new things. You both may anytime pack your bags and wander to a new place. You both may emotionally detach from situations to avoid handling them personally, which could cause conflicts. Neither of you are comfortable with a possessive or an emotionally demanding partner. If both of you avoid handling negative or tough situations, then it could be of concern.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Both of you are emotionally very different from each other. While Sagittarians are warm, friendly and energetic, Capricorns are reserved, hardworking and careful. You both may have to face many conflicts to sustain in the relationship. Capricorns are quite pessimistic and do not take risks, while Sagittarians are very optimistic with an innate faith that helps them to take risks that Capricorns are afraid to handle. Capricorns may often doubt self which will limit their aims. They are also afraid of financial crises which will push them to work harder. They take lives too seriously and prioritize work or business before fun. However, Sagittarians crave for adventures and soar either intellectually or literally and always want to experience new things. On the other hand, Capricorns prefer to choose a well-defined and safe path to accomplish things. Sagittarians try new ways and are ready to take risks. Capricorns are committed and dedicated whereas Sagittarians are fun-loving ad enthusiastic and are often uncomfortable with Capricorn’s self-doubting nature. To make this relationship work out, both of you need to make compromises. Capricorns can learn to have some fun from the Sagittarians and in turn Sagittarians can seek help in grounding themselves from the Capricorns.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

You both will make an excellent couple and share a wonderful relationship based on friendship and loyalty. Both of you have similar emotional needs and adore experiencing new things. You both love challenging environments and are independent, forward-looking and progressive. Both of you accept change easily and look out for the same. Both of you adapt easily and love to socialize with people. Being very compatible, you work very well together and bring out the best in each other. Neither of wants a possessive partner and want to enjoy personal freedom and dignity. You both are very much comfortable with trying out novel ideas. Idealism will rule your household, with Aquarians being more philosophical. There is a great deal of understanding between you two, however if you have different logic systems, then it could be a source of conflicts. It may appear that you both share a very light relationship with no deep emotional bonds. Since, both of you are unlikely to be domesticated; you don’t feel the need to be deeply-rooted with family traditions.

Sagittarius Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

You both are not well matched and may have to make compromises to make things work out in the relationship. Pisceans are dreamy, sympathetic and easily influenced by surrounding people and situations. You both are not comfortable in handling emotional situations or conflicts and tend to avoid them. Sagittarians are also kind of a dreamer that they will build big plans for the future. In a way, both of you are quite impractical. Both of you are emotionally generous and do not know where to set boundaries in relationships and tend to give unrealistic promises more than your capacity. Sagittarians are blunt and enthusiastic which may be overwhelming for the delicate and sensitive Pisceans. Sagittarians will not even realize that their bluntness will hurt other’s feelings. You both may have some common things however may not have anything long lasting because of your differences. While Sagittarians are energetic and love to socialize, Pisceans are shy and would prefer staying home instead of being at a party. Sagittarians are insensitive and do not take everything personally whereas Pisceans are very sensitive to criticisms. To make things work out, you both may have to make significant compromises. Auspicious Dates: 1,3,5,9,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,23,24,25,29,30. Inauspicious Dates: 2,4,6,7,8, 10,11,16,17,18,21,26,27,28,31.

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