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Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

November 21, 2017 | Total Views : 6,560
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According to Vedic Astrology, compatibility between the moon signs is important to be analyzed to predict how the wedded life of the couple would be. Following are the compatibility results of Capricorn with the 12 Moon signs between a man and a woman:

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Aries Moon Sign

You both have different emotional temperaments and will face many challenges in your relationship. You differ in expressing your feelings and ways of handling situations. One of you may have to make more compromises to make the relationship work out. However, there is come compatibility between you two and both of you will try to save the relationship at any cost. Impatience is the first response of the Arians to anything and are generally impulsive with facing challenges, whereas Capricorns are slow and steady and withdraws themselves to devise a strategy to deal with the issue. They usually do not express their inner feelings and try to focus on what needs to be done. While Arians are more enthusiastic and open, Capricorns are reserved and cautious. Arians are a bit selfish and expect rewards for their work, whereas Capricorns often that they do not deserve any reward or comfort. Arians prefer things to happen instantly while Capricorns will wait for the right time and strategize to earn the merits. Capricorns can help the Arians to get detached from irritable situations as Arians tend to take everything personally unlike Capricorns. Both of you are emotionally self-contained and enjoy your lone time. If you want to save your relationship, you both should be willing to accept and make compromises for each other.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Taurus Moon Sign

You both will make a good pairing and have a great deal of respect and understanding for each other. Both of you are dependable and responsible in personal relationships and like your routines and orderliness. You both will be spending money on sharing material gifts (particularly Capricorns) to express your emotions. Though you both may have few differences, you will harmonize well at home. Capricorns believe in hard work and take ambitions and goals very seriously and work towards them, whereas Taureans are relaxed and easygoing. Capricorns are matured and cannot accept childish behavior from their partners while Taureans like to mosey around and be lazy. Capricorns are self-sufficient and want to prove their worth by accomplishing goals, whereas Taureans are more comfort-loving which will make them lazy to complete the goals on time. However, Taureans love the steadiness and patience of the Capricorn natives and Capricorns likes Taureans’ creativity and try to make practical use of it. Taurus natives can help the Capricorns to enjoy the fruits of their hard work and Capricorns can help Taureans to be ambitious and transform their ideas to reality. So you both could really turn out to be a strong and lovely couple.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Gemini Moon Sign

Although both of you have many differences, you can complement each other. However, you both must be careful in not letting your relationship get imbalanced and hence both of you need to work out to make this relationship successful. Capricorns are serious and goal-oriented and often turn self-condemning for not accomplishing enough, while Geminis are humorous and fun-loving and will try to lighten the moods of their sensitive partners. However, both of you may find it difficult to communicate with each other, which might lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. While Geminis are frank, open minded and usually do not complete their undertakings, Capricorns are hardworking, ambitious and disciplined. Although it may seem that you both are complementing each other well, both of you may face serious issues in communication. Geminis are also irresponsible unlike Capricorns who take everything seriously. However, Geminis can teach the Capricorns to take a break from over working; in turn Capricorns can try to instill some responsibility and orderliness in the Gemini natives. In this relationship, Geminis may be playful and child-like and Capricorns end up acting matured like an adult.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Cancer Moon Sign

Both of you are very different in your emotional needs and temperaments, however if you can work out you both can be a very good pairing. Cancereans are caring, emotional and moody, whereas Capricorns are very uncomfortable in handling emotions and feelings. Cancereans want be close with their partners and like nurturing and to be nurtured, while Capricorns like to be a little detached and always prioritize their work above their own needs. Cancereans are sentimental and are more sympathetic and prone to mood swings, whereas Capricorns are uncomfortable in expressing dependency, emotions and feelings. Capricorns are more demanding and serious and do not like to be playful and expects a no-nonsense behavior at all times. However, both of you are patient, hardworking and responsible in a relationship. Capricorns are equally needy similar to Cancereans, however they may find it difficult in expressing their emotional needs and comforts. But eventually they will learn to appreciate the softness and nurturing of the Cancereans. Also, Cancer natives will be drawn to the emotional stability and strength of the Capricorn natives.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Leo Moon Sign

Both of you can make a happy couple, however one of you may have to make compromises and constantly try to please the other. Leos will not appreciate the openness of Capricorns and Capricorn natives will not appreciate the generosity of the Leos. Leo natives are energetic, generous and dramatic in nature, whereas Capricorns are sober, reserved and careful. Capricorns are more subdued, simple and humble in expression whereas Leos are loud, dramatic and high-spirited. Leo natives often tend to exaggerate their emotions while Capricorns usually downplay their emotional needs. Leo natives always want to be the center of attraction and are in constant need of appreciation and praise, whereas Capricorns rarely admit their dependence and appear to be self-sufficient. Leo natives are warm, friendly and approachable whereas Capricorns are emotionally detached and formal. Leos express their love through romantic gestures while Capricorns express their love through practical gifts. This may make both of you feel repressed and overwhelmed. Unless if one of you are willing to compromise for your partner, it might become difficult to stay happy. Leos are optimistic whereas Capricorns are not actually pessimistic, but realistic.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Virgo Moon Sign

Both of you are very compatible and have similar needs, thoughts and temperaments and tend to react similarly to situations. You both may feel lucky to have found someone who shares so many things in common. Both of you are hardworking, practical and organized with an urge to accomplish something and be useful. You both will be happy to sacrifice your needs in lieu of your responsibilities. Both of you are uncomfortable with expressing childish behavior and usually downplay your feelings. You both are meticulous, self-disciplined, and loyal and avoid taking risks. You both are responsible, painstaking and sometimes may expect too much from yourselves and turn harsh. Since both of you are faithful and steady, you are comfortable with each other in trusting one another at any time. You both have to be aware of over-work and stop undermining your own work. Both of you have to learn to take some time off and relax yourselves. If you do that and pay attention to your emotions, you both can enjoy a joyful and successful relationship.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Libra Moon Sign

Both of you are not that compatible with each other unless one of you is willing to compromise in the relationship. With Libra’s nonchalant nature and Capricorn’s generosity, it might be difficult for both of you to get along well. Libra natives are warm, friendly and want to be very close with their partners, whereas Capricorns are emotionally detached and not expressive enough to show their affection to Libras. Libras are dependent on their partners or friends while Capricorns are emotionally self-sufficient and are afraid of expressing their emotions and feelings. Libra natives feel secured in personal relationships while Capricorns find security in work, accomplishment of goals and success. Capricorns are more hardworking and practical while Libras are balanced and equally want to spend time for relaxation as work. Libras may often be inconvenient with the aloofness and seriousness of the Capricorns, while Capricorns may find it difficult to cope with Libra’s obsession with romantic needs and indecisiveness. If both of you can work it out, Libras can teach the Capricorns how to take a break once in a while and Capricorns can teach Libras how to be independent.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Scorpio Moon Sign

Both of you can be very good friends which can become a warm, romantic relationship. Both of you tend to be quiet and restrain from expressing your feelings, but for different reasons. Your relationship will be based on mutual respect and admiration. You both are loyal, committed and emotionally intense couple who approach everything with caution and little suspicion. Capricorns usually maintain an emotional distance, thus may appear unresponsive and tend to take life too seriously. They substitute emotional attachment and happiness with material security and success. Scorpios are also emotionally very intense and tend to be very private and secretive about their feelings and emotions. They brood a lot over the past and build up resentments and hatred unshared for a long time. Both of you are extremely cautious and never trust anyone that easily, which can often prevent you from being open about your feelings with your partner. However, you both show intense emotions, loyalty and steadiness in your relationship. If both of your curb the differences between you two and learn to communicate with each other, you both can develop a strong and deep relationship.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Sagittarius Moon Sign

Both of you are very different and your emotional needs and attitudes are very unlike. While Sagittarians are friendly, energetic and adventurous, Capricorns are sober, cautious and hardworking. You both may have to overcome a lot of conflicts in order to make things work out. Capricorns are quite pessimistic and find security in work and accomplishment of goals, whereas Sagittarians are optimistic and have a great faith in life. Capricorns are afraid to take any risk and prefer to choose defined and secured paths while Sagittarians love to take risk and crave for adventures. Capricorns take life too seriously and always prioritize business over pleasure, whereas Sagittarians are enthusiastic and adore exploring and experiencing new things. Sagittarians love to expand their knowledge spiritually or intellectually, while Capricorns want to keep their feet planted firmly on earth. Capricorns have great focus and attention and have the ability to withstand tough situations whereas Sagittarians are quite impatient and flighty. Capricorns are committed and dedicated, whereas Sagittarians can be too lax and irresponsible and avoid situations that restrict their freedom. On a positive note, Sagittarians’ humor can help Capricorns to relax and in turn Capricorns’ practicality can ground and add a little reality in the Sagittarians.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Capricorn Moon Sign

Since both of you have the Moon in the same sign, you understand each other very well and have similar emotional temperaments. At the same time, you both share similar negatives as well which could be of concern. Both of you are meticulous and can build a strong and beautiful home together. While both are realistic, you can be quite pessimistic as well, which could harm the relationship. Both of you give more importance to your work than personal life and work hard to accomplish financial security for your family. At times, both of you could turn pessimistic about life, which could cause havoc in life. You both are extremely committed to work and could sacrifice your home for that, which will make your family suffer a lot. You both tend to repress from expressing your feelings and emotions even to your closed ones, but express your love by being loyal and doing something concrete for your loved ones. While you both understand each other very well, you both can reinforce your bad habits on each other as well. Emotional distance, seriousness and expecting the worst to happen are inbuilt habits of you two. If you both can learn to trust others and enjoy your life, then you two could make an extremely happy couple.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Aquarius Moon Sign

Both of you would enjoy a successful relationship, especially if one of you is more tolerant of the other’s idiosyncrasies. You both have enough differences amongst you two, however if you both are willing to work on it, then you can succeed in your relationship. Capricorns are quite serious and pessimistic, whereas Aquarians are optimistic, energetic and social. Capricorns repress themselves from expressing their feelings and vulnerability even to their loved ones, whereas Aquarians intellectualize their feelings and often unaware of their own emotional needs and of their partners. Aquarians are independent and do not like being dictated by others and crave for new adventures instead of brooding over the past. Capricorns on the other hand, are deeply-rooted with the past and are cautious in taking risks. Aquarians prefer contemporary or alternate ways of doing things, whereas Capricorns prefer conventional and secured methods. While Capricorns are committed and be responsible in a relationship, Aquarians want their freedom and do not like to be controlled. Being emotionally different, both of you may find it difficult to speak out your feelings, which can lead to resentments. If you both can overcome your differences and try to work at it, then you can complement each other very well.

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility with Pisces Moon Sign

Both of you have very different temperaments and emotional needs. While Capricorns are emotionally detached and unapproachable, Pisceans are very sensitive and easily get influenced by their surroundings. Capricorns are responsible, hardworking and committed, whereas Pisceans are irresponsible, disorderly and dreamy. Capricorns are dedicated and realistic while Pisceans want an idealistic relationship. Capricorns may feel annoyed with the dependency of the Pisceans. Pisceans get easily inclined towards people or situations, whereas Capricorns are suspicious and do not offer helping hands unless they are close friends. Capricorns are serious, sober and often downplay their emotions, whereas Pisceans are less practical, disorganized and unambitious. However, if you both can accept and work out your differences, you can make things work out in your relationship. If you both complement and treat each other with love and fortitude, then you can make an ideal couple. Capricorns can teach the Pisceans how to make use of their creativity and Pisceans can teach Capricorns how to express their emotions. Auspicious Dates: 1,3,5,7,12,13,14,15,19,20,22,23,24,25,29,30. Inauspicious Dates: 2,4,6,8,9,10,11,16,17,18,21,26,27,28,31.

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