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Ruling Planets of the Zodiac

June 8, 2015 | Total Views : 2,885
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Zodiac signs are 12 divisions of 30 degrees each in the sky. Planets being in perpetual motion move at varying speeds and travel across these signs.Planets exercise lordship over one or more of the Zodiac signs. planet_ruling_zodiac Zodiacs are circles of light where the Sun`s rays pass through its center in a longitudinal manner. The planets in orbit have a profound influence in one`s life. They move from one zodiac sign to another and exert rulership over them. Rulership of the planets over the Zodiac signs provides deep insight into the personality traits of each sign. Planets exercise lordship over one or more of the Zodiac signs.

Zodiac sign of Leo

Ruling Planet: Sun Sun represents ego, identity, father, men etc. A person born under this sign usually have high self-image with intense, fiery personality, like that of the Sun. They like to be in the center of everything and have talents in leadership and management. They bring warmth wherever they are like the Sun. Sun forms our character and sense of identity. People under the sign Leo exhibit traits associated with Sun like royalty, nobility, passion, stability and negatively for stubbornness, conceit, dominating and stagnation.


Zodiac sign of Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon Moon represents emotions, instincts, mind, feelings, fluctuations, mother, women, nurturing. The energy of the Moon constantly changes and likewise the person under this sign has a personality with a changing nature with a strong ability to adapt. The Moon lightens the sky in the night and the person in this sign lights up the life of others through comforting words. They are home-loving and obsessed with security.

Zodiac sign of Gemini & Virgo

Ruling Planet: Mercury Gemini and Virgo are ruled by planet Mercury. It changes direction and speed frequently and is retrograde three times a year. These periods help one to review accomplishments and reflection. It governs communication, writing, travel, intelligence, fine arts and creativity. Mercury strengthens one`s thinking ability and decision making. Those under Gemini and Virgo make excellent communicators but greatly differ in their style of expression. People with strong Mercury make good improvisers and excellent writers. Just like this planet, they easily make new connections and bring people together with their ideas and ability.

Zodiac sign of Libra &Taurus

Ruling Planet: Venus Venus is the brightest planet that rules Libra and Taurus. It stands for love, beauty and art. In about 11 months, it goes around the zodiac. A Taurus born would exhibit traits of Venus by showing deep interest in artistic collection of objects, jewelry, luxuries, delicious food. People in sign Libra would show signs of sophistication, fashion, beauty, and aesthetics- all characteristic of Venus. Astrologically, people with strong Venus are attractive, sweet natured with kind speech and create harmony wherever they are.

Zodiac sign of Scorpio & Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars Planet Mars rules Aries and Scorpio and is bright red in color. It represents aggressiveness, assertiveness and action. It also stands for dynamism and courage. Aries born are always on the move with little time to look back. The competitive edge in them keeps them looking out for fresh opportunities. Those with Scorpio show traits of intense energy and action and their pioneering spirit make others follow them. They are assertive in situations which demand it and they promptly take action.

Zodiac sign of Pisces &Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet that rules Sagittarius and Pisces. It represents expansiveness, higher learning, noble and generous nature, financial prosperity, justice. It is a planet of good fortune and makes one honest and moral. Those born in Sagittarius enjoy good health and wealth throughout life and are lucky. The nature of Pisceans show signs of Jupiter as having a nature that looks out for meaning in everything in life and have visions of how life must be. This helps others to follow them as it motivates actions beyond set boundaries.

Zodiac sign of Capricorn & Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Saturn Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius. It represents structure, limitations and responsibility. It makes one aware of every moment and helps one understand limitations so that one can work towards few goals than attempting to finish everything at a time.  

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