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Learn The Impact Of Pitru Dosha (Ancestral Affliction)

September 4, 2018 | Total Views : 2,570
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What is Pitru Dosha?

Pitru Dosha, known as ancestral affliction happens due to non-performance of Tarpanam or ancestral rituals. This can be identified in your birth chart with certain planetary combination or placements. The ancestral affliction if severe can be reflected in the form of difficulties such as diseases, debts, career, delayed or no progeny, marriage-related problems and disappointments in life. This affliction impacts you in a greater means if you would have ignored honoring an ancestor or ancestors who had faced unnatural death. Pacifying them can help you come out of miseries and clear the path for successive generations. Learn The Impact Of Pitru Dosha (Ancestral Affliction) Pitru Dosha Can Cause:

  • Family member(s) suffer due to prolonged illnesses
  • Fights and misunderstandings at home
  • Regress in education and career without any apparent reason
  • Marriage or progeny-related issues
  • Financial instability

Mahalaya Paksha: 15 Days To Resolve Pitru Dosha

Mahalaya Paksha is the 15-day critical period of the year to alleviate the suffering due to Pitru Dosha (ancestral affliction) and invoke the blessings of your genetic predecessors upon you and your successors. This time window is very favorable for you to honor your ancestors by performing Tarpanam (ritual offerings for the ancestors) to satiate their restless souls. Also, it is best to involve in charity activates or donate food to poor and needy as per your ability to satisfy the needs of the people in need. Offering Tarpanam rituals during Mahalaya Paksha to your ancestral lineage can relieve you from two types of Karma:

  • Karma which blocks your ancestors from blessing you and
  • Karma that keeps your ancestors trapped in this world

Benefits of Offering Tarpanam Rituals Offering Tarpanam to your deceased ancestors during Mahalaya Paksha can bestow you with the following benefits:

  • Dissolve your negative ancestral karma
  • Good health, wealth and overall prosperity
  • Confidence to achieve goals successfully
  • Peace of mind and spiritual progress
  • Intelligence and clarity of thoughts in facing life events

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