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Jupiter Transit 2019 - Welcoming Planet of Fortune

October 29, 2019 | Total Views : 459
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Jupiter is regarded as a most beneficial planet in the realm of Astrology. It has the power to bring good fortune, rewards and expansion. This transit brings many opportunities in all aspects of life. For example, it will help businesses to flourish and facilitate marriages. As it is a planet of growth and expansion, areas like education, travel, higher learning, publishing, promotion and entrepreneurship will be impacted. During this period, there will be great changes in all the above-mentioned areas. Jupiter’s transit into Sagittarius is regarded as auspicious for existing businesses and new ventures. This transition will be very favorable as Jupiter rules the zodiac sign, Sagittarius.

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On 5th November, Jupiter transits into Sagittarius. This will be very beneficial for most of the Moon Signs. There will be prosperity and profitability in personal and professional life. Those born under different sun signs will also see improvements in their business and professional ventures. Jupiter influences a person’s enthusiasm, mental power, progeny, generosity, professional skills, talents, etc. Jupiter will play a good or bad role in the native's life depending on their individual birth charts.

Jupiter transits in the 9th house for Aries. The transit will benefit all Aries natives. Their professional life and social status will improve. It enhances spiritualism and they will undertake pilgrimages. Jupiter transit is not very good for Taurus. The professional scene may disappoint, and they may have to travel a lot for work which won’t give good results. Jupiter will transit in the 7th house for Gemini and this favors them. The 7th house is the house of marriage this time is good for lovers and married people. Investments in business or stock market will bring profits. For Cancer, Jupiter will transit in the 6th house. it is not good for Cancerians and may cause disease and injury. They will experience great mental and physical stress. Rivals and enemies will cause trouble.

For Leo, Jupiter will transit in the 5th house. There will be prosperity and professional growth. They will be involved with some humanitarian cause. There might be a childbirth in the family. Vehicles or property may be purchased. For Virgo, Jupiter will transit in the 4th house. This house represents the love of father and mother. It is not a favorable sign for Virgos. There will be fights with loved ones. People you trusted will betray you. You will want to withdraw from the world. For Libra, Jupiter will transit in the 3rd house. This is not a good period for them. Due to work commitments you may have to shift residence. You will become very lazy too.

For Scorpio, Jupiter will transit in the 2nd house. This represents wealth. The transit will bring much luck and power. Family will support you in your decisions. Married life will be good. For Sagittarius, Jupiter will transit in the 1st house. This represents relationships like love and marriage and academics. Financially, it is not a good time. Financial stress could lead to arguments. For Capricorn, Jupiter will transit in the 12th house. This represents expenditure and losses. Married life might improve, yet you will lose interest in material things.  Opportunities to travel abroad are likely. For Aquarius, Jupiter will transit in the 11th house. This represents health and profit. As it’s the ruler of the 11th house, Jupiter brings great profits and good health. Business will be very good. Married life will rock. Life will be calm. For Pisces, Jupiter will transit in the 10th house, which represents karma. This transit is good for family life. Your mother will get relief from illness but your health may not be good. Financial security is likely but be careful in business transactions.

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