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Gemini Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

February 25, 2020 | Total Views : 75
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Gemini Personality Traits:

Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Date range: May 21 - June 20

Gemini is an Air sign and is ruled by the planet Mercury. Like their ruling planet, they give a lot of importance to communication, be it verbal or written, and favor those who can connect with them intellectually. They don’t have one dominant trait-like other Zodiac signs but rather a mix of characteristics. Like “air,” they are quick and can change their behavior at the drop of a hat. Highly curious, fun-loving, engaging, intelligent, and social is the best way to describe a Gemini. The mutable quality of this sign is associated with the culmination of an event or season. Geminis are good at adapting to change and transition. They also help facilitate the change and help others deal with change.

Gemini, The Twins:

The symbol of twins best represents the duality of Gemini. It is one of the few sings that is not represented by an animal. The twins also signify the exchange of ideas and thoughts that are held in high esteem by this Zodiac sign.

Positive Traits of Gemini:

Geminis are ideal communicators and linguists and have a flair for language. They think and read fast and often summarize a situation very quickly. They are adaptable and can change on a whim at times. Due to their curious nature, they love learning new things and are voracious readers. They enjoy exchanging ideas and debating a variety of topics. You will always learn something new when spending time with a Gemini!

Negative Traits of Gemini:

The over analyzing quality of Gemini Zodiac Sign makes them indecisive. They are also easily distracted; this makes completing a task or committing to a relationship difficult for them as they search for the next best thing. The inquisitive nature of Gemini also makes them indulge in gossip. As they are associated with the element air, they are known to change their behavior very rapidly and can make impulsive decisions.

Gemini in Relationships:

It is challenging to be in a romantic relationship with a Gemini as they need to be continuously stimulated intellectually and emotionally. They require an adventurous partner who can keep up with the duality of their personality. They don’t compromise on their requirements and hence try various relationships till they find the right one. At work, Geminis are social magnets and can work efficiently with others. They are high multitaskers and prefer working in fast-paced environments that require their creativity and versatility. A Gemini friend is a fun character to spend time with and comes across as the life of the party. They are great storytellers and love exciting conversations. As parents, a Gemini is always easy going and approachable and energetic. They don’t set boundaries for their children and allow them to explore the world for themselves.

Gemini Compatibility with other signs:

Gemini is most compatible with Libra Zodiac Sign, Aries Zodiac Sign, and Aquarius Zodiac Sign.

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