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Gemini Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 2,023
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Gemini, the sign that is As the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini represents the charming spirit. For Gemini, Energy is the keyword, Versatility, their quality and Communication is their identity. The Latin word Gemini means Twins, which happens to be their symbol. This indicates their dual nature. Mercury is their key planet, denoting articulation skill. Air is their element, pointing to a constant state of flux. Gemini natives are smart and flexible. They are also a heady combination of indefatigable spirit and quick thinking, and armed with a generous dose of wit and wisdom, they make living, by itself, an enjoyable experience. But their inconsistencies can be an unsettling factor, especially for those who have chosen to bond with them in close relationships. Gemini Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature

Gemini Woman

A woman born in the zodiac sign of Gemini is as intelligent, as she is complex. She can even be called an intellectual, who is extremely clever and worldly wise. They are good learners, as they keep studying, gathering information, assimilating many subjects and acquiring different skills. They can discuss any subject under the Sun with enough material facts, like current affairs, politics, fine arts, religion and travel. Extremely inquisitive and incessantly curious, she can sift quickly across a wide spectrum of issues, probing them from many angles, and forming her own independent views and opinions. They are unique entities, in the sense they remain as many personalities, rolled into one. They love variety, and many different fields hold their interest at the same time. Versatility is their second nature, as they can and actually, do handle diverse things with consummate ease. They are vivacious personalities, lively characters and are fun loving. Gift of the gab is their asset, as they wield a natural felicity with words and expressions, and can become good orators, writers and even politicians. They are normally gracious and broad minded, and have good adaptability, to take on the challenges of life. They seem to have an insatiable thirst to enjoy life and every moment of it, to the fullest and they make no bones about it. The strength of their intellect comes out less in the form of scholarship, and more as their wit and wisdom, which they display generously to telling effect. Their fine sense of humour blends effortlessly with their imaginative ways and articulation skills, adding an irresistible natural charm to their personality, which makes their company supremely enjoyable.
Nothing in the world is an unmixed blessing and Gemini is no exception to this universal law. It may look strange, but remains a fact that some of their strengths themselves end up as their weaknesses. They are so sharp and possess so much of energy that it is next to impossible for them to continue to sustain interest in a single subject for long and retain their focus on it. They seem to be eternally on the move, who remain as virtual psychological wanderers. Their interests, views, opinions, likes and dislikes keep changing by the wink of an eye, as they keep on wavering. These can make decision-making a difficult proposition, forcing them into many painful, but avoidable situations in life. Their inconsistencies may cast a spell on their personalities, making them prone to even emotional imbalances. Thus, a Gemini woman who is seen as an easy going, sociable individual, may actually be leading a complicated existence, in the confines of her own self. But a Gemini woman is indeed romantic, as she will keep on looking for her ideal partner with all earnestness. She does fall in love, should we say, once too often, as she can keep on revising the attributes of her Mr. Right, and with that, changing the man himself. She might be fickle minded in love, but once she throws her lot with a man, she will remain a conscientious wife and a good mother. But one who looks for a conventional wife in a Gemini woman may end up disappointed, and her family should better be prepared to expect the unexpected from her. With her innate nature of flux, she may keep the family members on the edge with her consistent inconsistencies. If alone they can channelize their strengths like intelligence, articulation and charm to good effect, and exercise a conscious check on their inconsistencies, Gemini women can radiate their glow around and make life a fulfilling experience for themselves and also for those around them.

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